Museum sale: “What were they thinking”?

Museum property SOLD!!

By Rodger Pryce, Together We’ll Fix It candidate for Coffs Harbour Mayor

Purchase cost to us: $1.7m

Gross sold price: $1 million

Nett of costs: $450,000To be spent on: Gordon St.Minimum cost: $81 million

Benefit to Gordon St: .55%

How could anyone, ever, think that putting $450,000 into a $81 million building, by selling a 1725 square metre property with a heritage listed building, housing our Museum, was a good idea?

This is financial madness!

Does everyone know that we pay $100,000 a year rent in Lawson Crescent, to store our excess Museum artefacts?

Has anyone thought that we could build a 700 square metre extension on our 1725 s.m. property we owned?

Has anyone thought that we could display all of our museum artefacts in a new $3 million extension at the same cost as the rent we are paying, currently?

What government funding would be available to create an extension to our museum? Probably 100% of the cost.

Paul Amos, what were you thinking, mate?


The above is a media release from the Together We’ll Fix it Council team. Sunday 11 July 2021.

Coffs Coast Outlook will publish all media releases by candidates for the council elections to be held on 4 September on the Coffs Coast so long as they have legally acceptable content. Media releases can be sent to [email protected]


A Prime/7 news report on last Thursday’s Council meeting can be viewed here;

2 thoughts on “Museum sale: “What were they thinking”?

  1. Totally agree with you Rodger none of these sales make any business sense , and very disappointed with the vote from Paul for the sale of our museum .
    This Gordon street monster has taken over the thinking of our council , has to be stopped somehow .

  2. Rodger: at first glance, the percentage benefit towards the CCS costing could be mistaken. I had to read it twice. At 0.55% that is appalling! Has anyone added up all the losses on this CCS project?
    Or the losses on abandoned projects that did not make muster- like City Hill? Consultants must rub their hands together in glee at the very sound of the name CHCC! And we need to take control of the community consultation process, as the view of our citizens does not reflect in the project briefing consultants receive.

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