Most opponents of the CCS want new cultural facilities


CCO has noticed in the past few weeks that some supporters of the current CCS proposal in Gordon Street seem to be ramping up attacks of opponents on local social media.

Why that is seemed necessary given the recent DA approval is a matter of conjecture.

The attacks seem to increasingly be of an ad hominen nature and in some instances make suggestions about some opponents of the CCS that would draw howls of derisive laughter from those who genuinely know those under attack so ludicrous and far fetched are the claims being made.

One of the more common claims being made though is that the opponents of the CCS are essentially “anti-progress” and “anti-culture”, in spite of the term ‘culture’ having very broad meanings.

CCO believes this to be absurd.

It is something we addressed, in part, in an Editorial on 4 July 2019 but we believe needs to be re-stated again now.

Below we re-publish the relevant part of that editorial which we believe is even more appropriate today;

The current Mayor campaigned at both elections in which she ran for Mayor stating as a priority that she would ensure Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas got a respectable Entertainment Centre.

As Cr Amos points out no such thing is proposed for 23-32 Gordon Street. An Entertainment Centre is not part of the proposal.

In fact it could be argued that the proposed new building is predominantly a new Civic Centre and Council administration building.*

Do we need a new Art Centre? Most definitely yes!

Do we need a new Library? Again yes.

Do we need a new space for a Museum? Yes again!

Do we need a new Entertainment Centre? Most definitely yes. But where is it? It seems to have completely ‘dropped off the radar’.

Councillors need to think long and hard about all the points above both before and on 11 July.

The last word should be left to CCO commentator Gabrielle Brabander’s statement:

Are you, as Councillors prepared to overburden ratepayers and residents by allowing the (justifiable) need for better art and library facilities to be hijacked by this monster project devoid of real focus, and in the wrong location?


First published here at CCO on July 4 2019. See the full editorial at;


*Council and others argue the Council Administration only makes up 30% of the building which may be true.

However the new Council administration component also added 110% to the estimated original cost of a proposed Art Gallery/Museum/Library which went from a projected $35.3m to $76.3m and climbing.

On financial grounds alone that makes the Council Administration component a predominant cost factor in the new building.

It ain’t rocket science!

6 thoughts on “Most opponents of the CCS want new cultural facilities

  1. This should be compulsory reading for all Coffs ratepayers. Informative, accurate, balanced and expressed in a dignified fashion, it could not help but sway any of the uncommitted, and probably change the minds of some of those who support the current plan.

    The ramping up of personal attacks on opponents of the Mayor’s scheme, would seem to indicate an increasing desperation amongst the pro-palace agitators, despite the DA approval. Perhaps they now see that they really have something to lose, even if it’s just the argument, when the Mayor’s plans finally end up in the bin.

  2. Not sure but why do you say the building is predominantly council offices when the majority, 70% is library, gallery and museum. Have you seen the model? It’s in the Culture Hub at Coffs Central.
    There is great exhibit there as well to peruse.

    Editor: We explain that very point at the bottom of the article Colin

  3. Had our Mayor held true to her campaign promises and retained the Cultural Entertainment Centre in the CCS, we would not have this debacle on our hands! There is nothing cultural about over-expended “hot-seat” administrative offices – with many of our Public Servants absent when working from home. We have futuristically planned Chambers that are about to be disposed of by fire-sale.

    Thirty years after losing our Civic Centre/Performance Facility, we are now offered yet another Feasibility Study. Too little too late! This perennial is raised every few years, only to be consigned to the archives.
    If we ignore the current CCS debate, we will never advance the performing arts in this city.

  4. The lack of consultation and consideration shown to the ratepayers of Coffs about the glass edifice will not be offset by a pretend study of which area can have which small hall to use as cultural facilities. We already have small venues with very poor acoustics and not fit for the purpose of performances of a professional nature.

    Of course, we have the CEX footy field for large crowds such as Elton John. This venue is not without problems in inclement weather. This venue is not suitable for performances other than large and loud ones.

    I have partaken of some operatic performances in town; we had Mirusia Loewerse (of Andre Rieu fame) upstairs at the club, one opera at the Jetty High School hall and another at Sportz Central. All three venues are an embarrassment for travelling players in a city the size of Coffs. Classical music at the university campus is a slight improvement, but certainly not ideal.

    There are two fit for purpose venues of which I am aware: the Jetty Memorial Theatre and the Conservatorium of Music. These showcase the talent of a variety of performers living in town.

    All of the abovementioned performances would be much better housed in built for purpose Entertainment Centre that is needed NOW, not in another 30 years. It is time to replace the performance hall given away to the local club!!!

  5. How could an entertainment centre possibly be crammed into Gordon Street? Plans for an entertainment centre have been available since November. It is next on the list. I have seen the preliminary steps of planning, nutted out with interested community members. I do wish we could stop calling for an entertainment centre, it is happening, and not a carpeted space with microphones and second rate sound engineers 0r poker machines, but real acoustics. Watch this space.

    1. I agree, Margaret England, Gordon Street is not the right venue for an entertainment centre, but neither is it the right area for the glass edifice.
      City Hill is the correct place for an Arts and Entertainment Centre. The Library should be expanded into the existing Art Gallery and the Council building should be expanded, as was intended originally, to house all staff in one building. The Museum could be housed where it is now with additional space added to better service its needs.
      But, I digress. Where are said plans for the “happening” entertainment centre, which “interested community members” are ‘nutting out’? Who do you have to know to have your opinion asked for?
      As I said in my previous post, this survey, nutting out or whatever you want to call it is to placate those who are opposed to the edifice. It means little and solves even less. Roll on September!!

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