More how to vote cards. And what the ballot papers look like

Following on from yesterdays look at some of the CHCC candidates how to vote (HTV) cards we showcase some ore today and also reproduce the ballot papers for the 2021 CHCC LGA election.

Pre-polling is now open. Saturday 4 December is election day.

Donna Pike for Mayor

No preferences being suggested. Because Donna is running ungrouped on the Council ballot she would also be wanting her voters to vote at least 1-5 below the line. Presumably with a ! for her.

Coffs Coast First (Cr George Cecato for Mayor)

No preference suggestions on the Councillor ballot are apparent although it is suggested voters for this team give their second preference to Cr Adendorff on the Mayoral ballot.


Meet the Candidates – Sunday 28 November – Jetty Markets


And here are the ballot papers

This is the ballot paper for Mayor

And this is the ballot paper for Councillors


Whatever, we here at CCO strongly urge you on the Councillor ballot paper to;

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