Moffee talks to Moose

In another of a continuing series of interviews with both Mayoral and Council candidates for the Coffs Harbour City Council Moffee recently interviewed Cr Paul Amos (Moose) on his TripleM Coffs Coast Breakfast Show about his run for Mayor and Council on 4 December.

Click on this link to hear the interview;

2 thoughts on “Moffee talks to Moose

  1. What I heard is a must-have councillor. This interview is commended in my view as real-world evidence of the best imaginable example of how a councillor embraces the local government system and represents the people.

    No gloss, no big sell, no self-aggrandisement, no hint of hidden agenda, no subtextthat your vote is a lever slipped under a wanting inner life to jack it up, no use of “represent the community” as a masquerade for that inner function, no signal in it that divisiveness lays in wait, none of that. Down home straight to the point, with local issues solid in mind and in heart.

    But not a mayor. Not yet. The interview, for which I was waiting, didn’t change my mind, and could have. And so I still think Paul is not the required choice for what has been building for years as the most critical term in the city’s history, and by that, the region’s history.

    The decisions made in the next council either lock us into ‘hodge podge planning’ and make-do which leads us to a future of Coffs Harbour being just a more populated shanty beachside joint, or can haul back that direction we’re headed in already, then properly clean up not only the mess but the cause of it, and point us towards a future of higher standard and excellence.

    That is an easier future in which to live, too, because that clean up of mess and cause, which is then replaced with excellence, removes a lot of the struggle of daily life, in real-world ways (in an area, for one instance to mention, of planning).

    For my view, for what it’s worth, by electing Paul Amos as councillor we’ll be electing in effect the mayor’s right hand. An incredible support for a mayor who is more born for the above immediate term needs, no better we could imagine. One who can help guide the governing body, help build the spirit of cohesion and focus on task, and bring a steady hand while the big changes are made by the mayor more suited to that immediate task.

    And I think, too, again for what it’s worth, that in doing so Paul will learn from how those changes are made, and grow that bit more to become a future mayor of excellence holding the position for possibly a very long time.

    Any way you choose to go, Paul Amos is a Coffs Harbour son for whom we can all be proud.

    1. Paul Amos was one of my selection for councillor when I voted yesterday. I believe that his experience and integrity will be invaluable in a new council.

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