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‘Minister needs to know about Coffs Council’ – Ray Hadley

It would appear the Cutural-Civic Centre story has gained notice in Sydney.

Here is Ray Hadley this morning (17-7-2019) talking about what we reported here this morning. See: https://coffscoastoutlook.com.au/did-the-mayor-not-know-the-microphone-was-on/

Ray Hadley talks about last Thursday 11 July’s Council meeting and the recording of it.

Listen to Ray Hadley’s radio piece below.

There’s more here including The Mayor’s response to Ray Hadley’s story: https://www.2gb.com/secret-tape-catches-mayor-in-embarrassing-gaffe/


  1. THANK YOU ,THANK YOU, THANK YOU Coffs Coast Outlook for publishing the link to Ray Hadley’s Radio Link.
    My account with all my comments were taken offline by Facebook yesterday.
    I will not be silenced ..hence why it was passed to Ray Hadley in the early hours of this morning. The TRUTH NEEDED TO BE EXPOSED !
    This is only an example. Go thru & listen to every council meeting since the audio has been online of Council Meetings & you hear the secret whispers between Mayor Denise Knight & General Manager Steve McGrath ALL THE TIME!!!!
    It’s a disgrace !
    The Secret Society of this city now needs to be EXPOSED.

  2. Well done Max and Coffs Coast Outlook, outstanding work! Having listened to the audio record you cannot but think the CEO is the “employed” puppet master and we have a complicit Mayor, who is not the “nice lady” the public image portrays.

  3. Gabrielle Brabander

    It is hard to know where to begin with the audio, and the followup on the Ray Hadley show. As abhorent as it is, none of what has occured is of surprise. To say something so shocking, then deny it, before having to apologise does not instill great confidence. This from someone who has the deciding vote in a split council on a 76+ million dollar project that a great many in the community are against. Poor behaviour, unsurprising or not, is ugly and unacceptable.
    A sad day for coffs 🙁

  4. I’m one of hundreds who believe it necessary for the Mayor to now step down, but before she goes the sacking of the general manager is essential. So much havoc has been created across this community and also within the council departments. People have been afraid to speak up, but now they can.

  5. Gabrielle & C .Bramley….This is the person that on 21 st July 2018 The Coffs Advocate named the Coffs Coast ‘s ” Most Influential Person On The Coffs Coast. ‘….. 1 year ago almost to the day. ….If you have the time ….as most people do not…the whispers between GM and Mayor Knight happen all the time on the Audio council meetings. I have never let on…as I have been waiting for the appropriate time. The Most Crucial meeting July 11th…was the last straw. I fired the middle ….it’s gone world wide. KARMA.

    I enjoy reading your comments across Social Media.
    Cheers Max

  6. James P Gilmour

    Ray Hadley is a shock jock that obviously didn’t listen to the whole debate and was fed two sound bites.

    I listened to the whole 4.5 hours of that meeting … this is utter brow beating garbage and that this is being used as a reason that the new project should be questioned is quite frankly sad.

    It is actually the role of the general manager to advise and lend support to the mayor.

    Have a listen to Councilor Rhodes and his attempt to postpone the vote and question the validity of the mayor having a casting vote. What you listen to here is the frustration after 3 and a half hours of posturing showing through.

    You may not like it but the casting vote is legal.

    I know that you wont post my post but I have copied it and will post it again.

    Editors note: And yet here is your post James for all to see. Indeed as it has been since you hit the submit button. PS: the recording went for 3 hours 25 mins approximately. What were you doing for the other hour?

  7. Riki Bekker

    An interesting post from James P. Gilmour, in more ways than one.

    The one that had me thinking was the statement that; “It is actually the role of the general manager to advise and lend support to the mayor” (sic).

    Well I have been consulting the NSW Guidelines for Appointing and the Oversight of General Managers 2011 (latest edition I think, happy to be corrected) and all I can find that is close is this;

    “The general manager is also responsible for ensuring councillors are provided with information and the advice they require in order to make informed decisions and to
    carry out their civic duties.

    The governing body of council may direct the general manager to provide councillors with advice or a recommendation, but cannot direct as to the content of that advice or recommendation.”

    It’s on page 10 of this guide . Maybe I’ve missed something. If so I’m sure James will set me straight.

    The guide is set up under section 23A of the Local Government Act 1993 and a pdf of it can be found at this URL link;


  8. In relation to the comments by Mr James Gilmour, Riki you beat me to the punch. In addition to what Riki wrote, the role of the General Manager is set out under Section 335 of the Local Government Act 1993.

    This section uses the words (sub-section 2) “assist the council”. One person is not the council. It is dangerous not to have made the comments in front of all the members of council. Further the section states the plans, programs and reports the GM had to help council develop and implement. But there may be times when council might seek some clarification from the GM. Being part of the decision making process is not listed as part of his role. By implication the GM should not try to influence the outcome; he should be impartial. This is not how it appears to be in this issue.

    I went to the meeting. I listened to the recording. At no stage did I hear anyone, including the mayor, ask for advice in relation to the rescission motion. The GM gave unsolicited advice and not to council as such. Listen to the words it seems he has overstepped the mark. It made me wonder why the GM wants the issue to proceed with such haste. It is not up to him to make the decision – he is a paid employee of council. Yet, it seems he has a strong interest in getting new council offices.

    I would rather councilors err on the side of caution. Get it right. There is strong support for the “arts” component to go ahead – refer to amendments put up and defeated. It is the new offices for council to get people offside.

  9. Information for disclosure:
    1. Brief to Savills Valuers relating to Council’s existing assets;
    2. Valuation by Savills relation to Council’s existing assets;
    3. Quantity Surveyor’s costings on schematic design and justification for expenditure of
    2 million dollars of rate payers’ funds on the proposal in Gordon Street when, presumably, Councillors were aware of the pledge to develop City Hill for a Performing Arts/Cultural Centre of Excellence; and, finally, the TRUE position in relation to the Coffs Harbour Airport. Is it propose to develop a BUSINESS ENTERPRISE PARK or an INDUSTRIAL PARK?

    What is the TRUTH?

    These questions need to be answered and material supplied to enable the community to make informed judgments. Janne C Lindrum


  10. I agree with Cob, the General Manager’s conduct appears to breach the regulations.But, how does the saying go, it usually takes more than one to Tango! Unless, of course, the other party/parties to the Tango is/are ill-informed.I concur with Riki. General Managers have an absolute duty to provide information and advice to enable Councillors to make informed decisions that are in the best interests of the people and in accord with their Oath of Office. Isn’t the question here then, whether telling a Mayor to deal with a recision motion to get it “done and dusted” on the night so that it isn’t dealt with fairly and in the normal course, is appropriate advice??? And whether there was undue pressure placed upon a deputy not to be a party to the recision motion??? From listening to the meeting, aside from other matters which I have already raised, these would appear to be matters of the greatest concern. The term “undue influence” pops into my head. However, I need to revert to the Act to determine whether undue influence is a term that can be applied in this set of circumstances. Janne C Lindrum
    Janne C Lindrum

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