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Minister announces local government elections definitely postponed by 12 months.

Minister Hancock’s Twitter message of 2
late 25 March 2020


  1. FFS !! This is overwhelming and the people of Coffs Harbour will again have to fully unite to counter the scurrilous plans intended by our 8 person un-democratic Council and it’s dreaded executive.

    Editors note: To be fair Murphy four of those Councillors have consistently opposed what is being proposed. Cr’s Amos, Arkan, Rhoades and Swan – in alphabetical order of course 🙂

  2. This four in alphabetical order still vote in a block. They are as bad as the other four Ed.

    Rhoades has voted in a block for 25 years IMO.
    Now he’s on the outer he cries wolf!

    Editor’s note: Hmmmm M. Willis or J. Willis – which is it? 😉

  3. Ed.
    I was sure I commented on this a couple of days ago. Let’s see if this note is published.

    No one should complain about blocks.
    Cr Rhoades has a history and is well known as the the king of blocks in the council chamber in my opinion.

    Rhoades, Smith and Beckett got their way for years.

    He’s only crying now cause he is on the losing team.

    Editors note: This is the first of your comments to come through for approval that I can find on site – will check our email page.

  4. Quiet right we have to stand by and help the four Amos, Arkan, Rhoades and Swan – in alphabetical order of course , to convince the other four that because of the covert 19 virus which has shut down almost everything.

    This is the time this Council should put aside spending on large non essential programs and focus on helping the local people get through this horrendous time , and leave something behind for the next Council.

  5. If Townley, Adendorff and Cecato have any vestige of common decency, and any respect for democratic principles, they will abstain from voting on major issues such Knight’s Palace until after next election, but I suspect that we’ll have as much chance of seeing pigs fly.

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