Merry Xmas, a Happy New Year and thanks

It is time of the year where we here at the Coffs Coast Outlook takes a bit of a break.

We will be back at a low level around 14 January before getting back to normal around 27 January.

In the meantime we have loaded the site up with best of 2019 articles on film, TV and music and also some on Science and the Environment to carry you over our break.

We would also like to say Merry Xmas and a happy, prosperous and healthy New Year to all our readers.

Many of you are new to us.

This year we increased our average weekly hits by 33% on 2018 to have an average of 5,365 hits a month by years end. And our on site comments have become very important to the site and we hope you too.

We rather modestly hope it is because of the great stories and independent angles supplied by our growing number of contributors that is the but admit state and federal elections may have had a bit to do with this too.

That and an increased awareness among our citizens of the goings on in local government here on the Coffs Coast too of course.

We hope our array of stories, deliberately aimed at offering a genuine independent voice, have appealed to you and look forward to offering better and more in 2020.

In the meantime here’s a hint at a few things we hope to track down in 2020;

  • Was the gift/sale of water from ‘Woopi Dam’ to Blueberry farms an exercise Council executive took without reference to Councillors? Was it legal to do this? Does the Council have the authority to sell this water for irrigation?
  • Did Council consider holding it’s Xmas Party outside the LGA until someone wisely pointed out that might not be such a great idea?
  • Has a Councillor currently carrying out remedial work on one of their properties got a DA to do this work?
  • Did Council carry out a proper investigation into a formal written complaint made about a Councillor’s actions in relation to City Square?
  • What is the story behind a Sawtell bike club, a grant from the State Government and who ended up managing the grant and doing the work the grant was for?

See you in 2020 folks.

4 thoughts on “Merry Xmas, a Happy New Year and thanks

  1. Great work this year CCO, advocating for the community and providing a forum for locals to voice their views. Looking forward to further true community engagement in 2020.

  2. Thank you for giving gangster keyboard warriors like curmudgeon me an opportunity to voice our opinions on many issues .You may not agree with everybody ,but we are free to express them .Interesting to note one of the first things repressive govt s shut down is the internet look at Delhi,India right now .Merry Xmas all

  3. Love that CCO continues to provide important independent news stories, and an alternate platform for a broad range of commentary and insights. Looking forward to more in 2020. Thank you CCO.

  4. Grant thank you for the many hours you devote to CCO, a truely independent news source for the Coffs Coast. There is no bias or hidden agendas.
    It has been a labour of love since you have taken it over from Hugh Saddleton and at this time our thoughts go out to him.
    We can never forget the difficulty he faced, with sheer determination in having his Outlook accepted as a legitimate news blog, and an alternative to the local rag, Coffs Coast Advocate.
    The future for Coffs Harbour is going to be challenging, but while ever there are people with scruples and integrity in our community fighting for what is right , we are in with a chance to make this a better place for ALL of us.
    Hopefully 2020 will see some changes in City Hall with people gone from there that have been running our city like a dictatorship.
    It is my wish that a decent recompense can be found to reward you financially for your time and efforts, albeit even in some small way by readers kicking the can for a few dollars each.
    Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones. See you again in 2020 with new hope in a new decade.

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