14 thoughts on “Mayor Knight interviewed on Coffs Harbour Entertainment Venue plans

  1. After thirty-plus years of this issue running in our community, is this a correct summary of what Denise Knight said today?

    “We [Coffs Harbour City Council] are getting [paying for] someone, and an organisation, both from outside of the region:

    * To tell us what we want

    * To tell us where to put it

    * To tell us when to do it.”

    Editor: In a nutshell 40cm? Yes, that is exactly how we read it too. There must be a council election coming up?

    1. Does this, or not, then, mean that Coffs Harbour City Council:

      * Doesn’t know, by now, what the people want, and doesn’t want to ask us?

      * Doesn’t know where to put it and is incapable of making that decision itself?

      * Doesn’t know when to do it and is incapable of making that decision itself?

      Can what Denise Knight said be read another way, if so, how?

      Finally, if Denise Knight’s statements can be read another way, then, can the above be categorically ruled out?

        1. As in “shove the chev”?

          Deflating, isn’t it. Coffs Harbour City Council has lost all moral rights to use the word “plan”. Whenever it does, it’s pretence.
          We need to let the CCS project cough itself to a standstill, wipe the slate clean, and start again with honest people in there who know what they’re doing.

  2. More wasted mega-bucks on out-of-town consultants to tell us what to do and where-to-do-it, while it appears there’s not enough money for basic city maintenance like fixing pot-holed back streets and mowing waist-high grass verges at the main entry points to the city.

    Denise should jump into her ratepayer-funded luxury car and take a gander herself, instead of trying to elicit support for another term as mayor by selling pipe dreams. And hasn’t the promise of an entertainment venue been central to her election platforms since 2013, seven years of promises she’s not delivered on?

    Editor: Come September this year Denise Knight will have been mayor for nine years since September 2012 Graeme.

    1. I stand corrected, Ed. With so much division in the community through her ‘leadership’, let’s hope her tenure as mayor stays at nine years and voters don’t get fooled again this coming September.

  3. I want large stainless steel buckets brought to me during generous consumptions of Beluga caviar, pate de foie gras, truffles, quails eggs, puréed mushrooms, jugged hare, grand marnier, brown ale and now Mayoral BS – Now, get me a bucket !

  4. Although I view the CHEV proposal as yet another prime example of “brain dead thinking” (OXYMORON ALERT), you’ve got to give the mayor credit for persistence. She’s using the same approach as that which has brought us the Palace Debacle, and expects a different outcome? Isn’t there a saying about repeating an action and expecting a different outcome?

  5. One local expert on all things mayoral, says that another expert, this time on all things CHEV, has advised that seating for between 600 and 1 000 patrons is adequate for Coffs’ needs.
    Does anyone know how many, in total, attended the Elton John concerts? I believe that people came from far and wide, hundreds of kilometres in fact, to see him perform, outdoors. I can’t see too many major performers being willing to do a show for 600, or even 1 000, at the CHEV.
    Myopia rules!

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