Mayor Denise Knight & Cr Sally Townley say the events of last Thursday’s Council meeting were misreported

Below is a link to an interview done today by Mayor Knight and Councillor Townley with A.B and Ben of Hit 105.5 here on the Coffs Coast wherein they say say the events of last Thursday’s Council meeting were misreported.

The interview with A.B and Ben of Hit 105.5 – 5.59 in duration

If the above does not work go to;

First published at hit105.5 Coffs Coast on Wednesday 19 February 2020 as per the URL links above.

13 thoughts on “Mayor Denise Knight & Cr Sally Townley say the events of last Thursday’s Council meeting were misreported

  1. “Oh she doesn’t like using her casting vote!” That is what she really said and then got misreported by The Advocate and other media apparently. No, really and truly!

    Yeah. Right. And I have a bridge for sale.

    On 11 July last year when first using her casting vote in relation to the new Cultural Centre and Civic Chambers I could of sworn I heard her say she took great delight, or pleasure or words to that effect, in using her casting vote! It will be on the recording of the meeting no doubt.

    I suspect the Mayor thinks we have no memory capacity.

  2. What happened to the Mayor’s “Big Boy Pants” ?
    Has she now become an Empress Without Any Clothes ?

  3. Ok then please show us the conversation that you say the Mayor said these words of pleasure at using he casting vote otherwise shut up. You are just maliciously gossiping. What we need are facts.

    Editors note: The mayor said she believes that what she really said was that “She doesn’t like using her casting vote” Brigit. Those are her words from this radio interview this morning wherein she says she was misreported;

    We would not be surprised this is one of the reports people are referring to; “While the final vote saw Councillors divided 4-4, the Mayor said she took great delight in using her casting vote to support the motion.” See; this link to a TripleM report dated 11 July 2019.

    If you have a problem with that report we suggest you take it up with TripleM Coffs Coast.

    1. Brigit, what exactly is your stance on these very important issues? Aside from accusing people of bullying, and demanding proof of assertions regarding the mayor’s behaviour, what are you bringing to the debate?
      Please tell us why you are so passionate in your defence of Denise Knight, and of her plan to ignore the wishes of more than 15 000 Coffs residents and construct a building, in which will be housed council offices which could more cheaply be housed elsewhere.
      Do you see those who oppose her plan as “anti-culture”? If so, on what facts do you base your opinion?
      Is it that you believe, that the defeat of Knight’s plan will mean an end to the development of a cultural precinct in Coffs?
      Be assured that there will be a hue and cry to equal the current argument if, when the present plan ultimately fails, there is not an immediate move to create an appropriate cultural centre in an appropriate place.

    2. Oh I see Brigit, you want me to provide evidence of why I think the Mayor said she was ‘delighted to use her casting vote”?

      Well I see already the Editor has linked you to this one;

      Count three sentences down where it clearly says; ” While the final vote saw Councillors divided 4-4, the Mayor said she took great delight in using her casting vote to support the motion.”

      There’s one. But wait there is more!

      There is this one from the Coffs Coast Advocate of 8 August 2019 by Janine Watson;

      ” With the vote tied once again the Mayor used her casting vote to defeat the rescission motion. This means the July 11 decision to proceed to detailed design and construction phase will go ahead.” Then two sentences later on there is this; “Speaking after the meeting Cr Knight said she was delighted with the outcome and says it’s ridiculous to claim 90 per cent of the community is against it.”

      And again from the Tweed Daily News on 2 September, again written by Janine Watson, there is this; “On August 8 the stalemate was broken and the Mayor ‘delighted’ to use her casting vote to proceed to detailed design and construction phase.” See;

      So there you go Brigit. Three pieces of independent reporting that emphasise the Mayor said she was delighted to use her casting vote in regards to this project. She did not complain about the reporting back then either. No she seems to have jumped to the conclusion she was ‘misrepresented’ very recently indeed. Why would that be I wonder?

      Is it any wonder we get the impression the Mayor was indeed delighted to use her casting vote?

      You say she didn’t say it. Take it up with TripleM and the Advocate if you believe they are peddling ‘fake news’.

      But it is your turn to provide *concrete evidence* of your position now.

      And remember the Mayor’s “word” alone won’t ‘cut the mustard’. As ‘John Cleese’ said earlier today; “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored”; Aldous Huxley.

    1. culture lover, you’ve morphed into Cultural warrior, and gained a capital letter along the way.

      If Jeanette hadn’t reported seeing an entity who might have been you, using aggressive behaviour at a council meeting, I’d have suspected that you are simply a shit-stirrer, someone who has no real position in relation to anything meaningful, but enjoys throwing in brainless comments just to agitate the pan.

      On what grounds do you base your assertion that “We have a wonderful mayor.”?
      What evidence can you provide to support the view?

      In my opinion a wonderful mayor would be a person who:
      1. Listens to the all of the residents, all of the time, respecting and valuing even those views which conflict with the mayor’s view.
      2. Acts in a moderate, dignified fashion, even when feelings are running high, refraining from the making of personal attacks on those who disagree with the mayor.
      3. Seeks the support of similar individuals, who value appropriate behaviour, and who are prepared to accept that an opposing view is a legitimate view.
      4. Observes common behavioural protocols, acting within the spirit of law, rather than to the letter of the law.
      5. Values and practices moral and ethical behaviour, even when such behaviour means that the mayor’s point of view will be defeated.
      6. Puts the needs of the community first, rather than seeking to dominate debate with a view to gaining personal aggrandisement.
      7. Takes every available step, in order to be fully informed of true community views, even to the point of holding a referendum which might prove the mayor’s position to be untenable.
      8. Is able to admit error graciously and change a course of action, in order to comply with the expressed wishes of the majority of community members.

      I invite you to score Denise, out of ten, on each of the above points. I also invite you to publish your scores, along with detailed evidence to support your views, in Outlook.

      One more thing, you might like to sign your name.

      1. Show us a picture of your head Julian,

        Editors note: Julian’s picture can be found at his web sie; – which he has mentioned in quite a few of his posts here.

    2. You haven’t been successful just yet ‘Cultural warrior’. For a warrior, you don’t appear to be very brave hiding behind a pseudonym.

      And as far as being ‘cultural’ – anyone who is championing the cause for a smaller museum and art gallery than what is available at present, as well as settling for a very expensive ‘cultural centre’ without a performing arts space, cannot be doing the bidding for the type of culture that leads to refinement or improvement of the mind.

      Are you sure you’re not a ‘warrior’ for the type of culture found in a petri dish?

  4. We saw you in action at the last meeting didn’t we “cultural warrior”?

    Was it not you who was extremely rude when it suited you and didn’t you actually chase a resident who didn’t agree with you out of the gallery? Sure looked like you! Why be anonymous?

    If you really support something,at least put your name to it!!

    1. Extremely rude.
      I have seen the amos arkan rhoades and swan supporters in action also. Both in council and on social media. You will not find a more vitriolic,rude and small minded bunch of people in action. How dare you speak to Cultural warrior this way.
      Cultural warrior is supporting something great for our community and not being a downer of everything like you and your friends. Always worried their rates may increase a buck a year. Thankfully the social security payments Keep up with inflation.
      Jeanette – you’re one of the ones I am talking about.
      Hold your mouth in future.

      1. Rather than arguing the merits of the proposed CCCC based on objectivity and facts, condescension and elitism are typically substituted for reasonable debate among the very small pro development group.

        In egalitarian societies a person’s social status is neither here nor there, but for the record, I for one have never relied upon social security and I suspect this would be the case for the majority of home owning ratepayer across the LGA “worried their rates may increase a buck a year”.

        Further, I suspect “James Woodcock”, “Cultural warrior” and “Exposed” you are the same commenter posing as others, as the timing of your entries above are uncannily close together. Perhaps the Moderator can check to see if the IP addresses match.

  5. Council’s meeting of February 13, sank to the lowest point of civility in Council’s 62-year history. With eight Councillors in deadlock, our Mayor has the obscene luxury of recalcitrant demeanour when holding the fragile future of our city in the palm of her hand. Not only are the wishes of the community being defied, democratic rights trampled in the dust, but brave souls who dare to address Council are subjected to public humiliation.
    To quote Shakespeare’s Horatio from Hamlet: “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”!

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