Mayor Clarifies Position on Casting Vote and No Cost Blowout with Cultural and Civic Space

The following is a link to an interview Mayor Knight had with Moffee on the Breakfast Show on TripleM Coffs Coast this morning. The discussion centres around her use of casting votes and the costs associated with the proposed new Cultural Centre and new Council Chambers.

First published/broadcast at Triple M Coffs Coast, Thursday 20 February 2020 as outlined above.

10 thoughts on “Mayor Clarifies Position on Casting Vote and No Cost Blowout with Cultural and Civic Space

    1. Right ‘Cultral whatever you are today’, but who can be easily identified by your photo, I’m sure I’ll pick up the relevance of your comment in relation to this interview today with the Mayor anytime soon.

      Ahem………………….. chirrup…………………………… crickets………………………… more crickets……………………………… tweet………….. tweet…………..

      Nope. No luck.

      Do you need more fuel and materials for the barbie you are building by any chance?

    2. Well, Cultural Devotee, many thanks for your ‘erudite’ response. You’ve clearly rejected the invitation to join the argument.

      In my opinion you may well be nothing more than a shit-stirrer who lacks the wherewithal for intelligent debate.

      I, for one, will refrain from giving you further attention.

  1. Well, well, well. Leaving the whole casting vote and trashing the Westminster tradition on it issue to one side the Mayor has essentially said she “guarantees there will be no cost blow outs for the CCCC”.

    She then compares the estimated cost for our CCCC at $76.5m as being excellent value against what Parramatta is doing for around $145 million. Which is not the best example to use because before it was started being built the estimate for the Civic/Library building in Parramatta was $50m according to this story back then;–starship-enterprise/news-story/bc7cd97e8144f56c2ce6354a30ded470

    Given the difference between estimate and finallity in Parramatta a similar increase in costs here would mean a final cost of approximately $225m for the CCCC.

    So you can “guarantee no cost blow outs” can you Mayor Knight?

    Well that would be a first in the history of the construction industry in my experience.

    1. Also Ron, Parramatta has a population of 250,000, four times the number of ratepayers as Coffs, a much larger commercial base and enjoys a higher socio-economic status with 27% of households with weekly incomes in excess of $2500.

      But I’m sure these tiresome statistics are of no interest to Denise. Just as Cr Townley and Cr Adendorff bizarrely tried to argue at the 13 Febuary council meeting, she probably believes that the proposed CCCC will provide a sanctuary for Coffs’ many homeless people. A place of contemplation where they’ll find inspiration to better themselves. [No folks, I’m not making this up. Listen to the proceedings of the last council meeting on the council’s ‘Soundcloud’].

      I’m of the impression that she couldn’t give a rat’s rear end if Coffs ratepayers have to bail council out, because she realises she’ll be long-gone before the cost blow-out bubbles to the surface.

  2. Rikki Bekker thank you for your recognition. I unlike you have nothing to hide and I dont ramble.

    1. Right KL. And you have nothing to add either. Just another waste of both time and band width.

      This is a a Troll alert folk – ignore her from now on.

      She is not interested in genuine debate and she and the facts have clearly not been introduced. Appears clearly in my opinion to be just a vacuous, empty Troll who thinks she is smarter than she really is.

  3. The comment about no cost blowouts is mischievous at best from a mayor who has lost the sense of balance over this issue.

    Unless the mayor has been delivered to us from on high she has no idea whether there will be cost blowouts. State and federal governments that oversee projects hundreds of times bigger than this new council chambers and precinct and which have the support of state and federal Treasury bureaucracies regularly have unintended cost blowouts sometimes up to 100% of original cost.

    For the Mayor to say there will be no cost blowouts is irresponsible as she just does not know, she cannot tell, it’s only her guess. As for her comment on the casting vote she is just plain wrong and this is no doubt down to her imbalance on this issue and complete disregard of the wishes of the people of the city but for a small influential group who will benefit directly from the development at our expense.

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