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Mark Sultana thinks former Councillor Jan Strom was “coerced into taking extended leave”

An interesting Facebook discussion between former Councillor Mark Sultana and current Coffs Harbour Deputy Mayor Tegan Swan and one other occured over the past weekend.

A screen shot of that discussion is reproduced below.


  1. Jan Strom is a pretty singularly minded individual. I am sure any decision made by her would have ultimately had her stamp on it.

  2. Whilst I agree with you, Ann. Jan Strom comes across as a pretty singularly minded individual. However, there would appear to be a case for replacing Councillor Strom given the admission she made at the meeting on 25 July last in relation to her failing health and, given the extended long leave granted to her, it must have been patent that it was highly unlikely that the Councillor would be well enough to retake her seat for the remainder of the term. Thus, there was ‘possibly’ a duty to replace the Councillor in those circumstances.

    Whether or no, an administrator should be appointed.

    Janne C Lindrum

  3. I agree with everything in your comment Janne C. Lindrum. I am happy too hear that Cr Paul Amos has called for the ‘ experts’ to come in for a review.(from Coffs Advocate Facebook page).
    After listening to the 25 min interview with Mayor Knight and the following 25 min radio interview with Cr Nan Cowling in March 2013 ….it makes me very angry that both the Mayor & GM allowed Cr Michael Aidenorff( who received only 65 actual votes in the 2016 elections. The rest were preferences from Mayor Knight.) To vote owning 4 CBD properties.
    I see it like the game of “Survivor” playing strategy & alliances . Giving Mayor Knight 2 votes with the casting vote. The GM is running it to his agenda as Ex Councillor Kerry Hinse commented on Facebook too Rob Trezise and staff past & present have told me this as well. So UNPROFESSIONAL!!!

    Regards Max

  4. Perhaps in light of the allegations, Jan Strom could use this forum to give us her side of the story ?
    In all fairness to Jan, I think that until we hear from her and she tells us the truth about the circumstances of why it took so long to resign etc and the advice she received from Council’s General Manager McGrath, we shall have to wait and see before passing further comment or judgement on her circumstances. Over to you Jan.

  5. James Daniels

    โ€œOne otherโ€ I have a name thanks with title being Community Member or RatePayer ๐Ÿ™‚
    I felt for Mark, having appeared to have been robbed of a decision. I was then very disgruntled with the Mayor, who if we had our full community representation on Council, that is 9 places not 8, that this ridiculous vote would likely be blocked in line with the broader community expectation.

  6. Our apologies James. From now on it will be “Community Member or RatePayer” for you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Many thanks for reading Outlook and for your comment too ๐Ÿ™‚

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