Lot 2 Sawtell Road dispute headed for Court?

The Coffs Coast Outlook understands conciliation between the Proponent and CHCC has been ‘terminated’.

In other words Council has not, in the words of an objector to the development, folded. 

By the Editor

That is seen as being good news by Lot 2 development objectors

The proposed Lot 2 Sawtell Road development area

How things go from here should/could be as follows.

Firstly a Directions Hearing has been set for next Monday 5th August.

It is understood that two possible scenarios at that stage are then likely;

1. If the Proponent requests to pursue the matter in the Land & Environment Court, a hearing date will be set.

The earliest possible date would be February/March 2020 and that case would be heard in Coffs Harbour. It is also possible a different Commissioner may handle the case and would most likely also want to re-visit the site and listen to community objectors.

2. Alternatively the Proponent may lodge an amended Development Application (DA). If this occurs all the new documents will once again be available for viewing and comment.

We understand that all objectors should be formally notified of the situation after next Monday 5 August when dates are due to be set. 

Lot 2 covers a recognised Koala corridor

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