Lot 2 Sawtell Road DA back in Court.

A Developer, Regional Architects representing REDCC, has served notice on the Coffs Harbour City Council to appear in the Land and Environment Court and defend their May 2020 Refusal of 0818/18DA. 

The original 2018 DA sought to bulldoze over 7 Ha of the heavily ‘environmentally restrained’ 8.9 Ha bushland block for a 57 lot housing subdivision and seniors village.

The 2015 marketing and sale of the once publicly owned land by the Coffs Ex-serviceman’s Club has been the source of significant outrage and a local campaign by residents and friends to prevent the bulldozing and loss of the significant core koala habitat and major corridor. It also contains a prescribed Endangered Ecological Community, many old growth standing hollows and rich local biodiversity.

The Applicant (RA) first took CHCC to the LEC in Feb 2020 after a ‘deemed’ refusal, and sought a ‘discontinuance’ on day 5.

Local campaigners were contacted last Thursday by the solicitors representing Council, HWL Ebsworth,  requesting submissions.


The above is a media release by Dave Wood for Save Lot 2 Sawtell Rd. Saturday 17 July.

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