Local infrastructure backlog due to Coastal Works doing work elsewhere?

As I write this post, our Brooklana Angus Stud , based within the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area, has recently broken the Australian record, for the sale of a pen of commercial, in calf heifers, at $4,600 each.

By Rodger Pryce

Also, right now, we hold the Australian record for the highest average price for bulls sold in 2021, at $14,600 each.

Agriculture plays a big part in the role that Coffs Harbour has throughout Australia.

We invest a considerable amount into our farm, our infrastructure, our cattle. Not all into the Coffs LGA, but a lot of it.

Our local Ulong community has received funds to up grade our hall, around $100,000, from the Bushfire Recovery Plan.

We are waiting, waiting.

The delay is because Council are repairing McPherson’s bridge, according to Council. My brain says, “but we have our staff contracted out to Armidale fixing their bridges.”

Sorry, something is wrong here, very wrong. We are waiting to receive a benefit from the State/ Federal government grant, Council have the money, but not the workers.

Well, yes they do have the workers, but they are working elsewhere, which makes us short staffed. We don’t pay rates in Armidale, we pay rates here.

Lead Photo: Bridge built by Coastal works – Photo: Coastal works

4 thoughts on “Local infrastructure backlog due to Coastal Works doing work elsewhere?

  1. That raises another question of council staff with assigned service duties who are seconded to Coastal Works. Who is performing their assigned tasks during their absence? I sincerely hope that the cost allocations appear in the Coastal Works accounting, not to their normally assigned CHCC task?

    Is it true that the citizens may question CHCC accounting, but do not have access to Coastal Works? Hmmmm.

  2. In the very first instance, this LGA is in urgent need of a mayor who takes the general manager to task and holds him accountable.

    The current, somewhat sickly, lovey-dovey arrangement between mayor and general manager is a ‘small town’ peculiarity and bad news.

    I’m with others who require that any mayoral candidate answers questions asked by the community. I note Dean Evers has not done so. There are questions here on CCO waiting for his answers. He may yet decide to answer them. It would be in his better interests to do so. If we’re going to get media posturing from candidates this year it will not go well. There has to be genuine engagement.

    This LGA is squirming uncomfortably with unanswered questions. This is the year they have to be answered. A quality mayoral candidate will recognise this. Thus, the procedure is to answer community questions, no matter how tough, then for that elected mayor to point his or her mind towards the general manager and get answers from him.

    Editor: I will post questions from Outlook to Mr Evers Facebook page and ask him to comment directly on our site too. I am also aware he has come out opposing the CCS and has aid he wants to explore ways of halting or amending the CCS contract. I will try and track th9ose down and will reproduce them here too. In the meantime here is a story from NOTA on his mayoral candidacy; Dean Evers announces candidacy for CHCC Mayor

    1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have answered as many questions as I can find across the many pages my announcement was shared. I have also answered a set of questions on Citizens Voice, Coffs Harbour City Council Elections 2021 forum and my own Dean Evers – Candidate for Mayor page. I realise with such a large electorate many questions will be asked and I’m only too happy to address them. If people can TAG me in the question I should be notified and I can answer them in a more timely fashion. I welcome all input from the community. Regards Dean Evers

      1. Thank you, Dean, very much indeed. And thank you for embracing my rather provocative contribution above. I’m sure we all understand you are busy and it would be impossible to devote time to chasing questions far and wide. I may say, also, I have considerable hopes in your succeeding in your mayoral quest. Thank you, too, for allowing for pseudonymous contributions as, for me, it is desired simply that the subtstance of my contribution can live or die on its merit or lack of. I would also with confidence make the comment that Coffs Coast Outlook provides you an environment where you can, with peace and clarity, engage with your community and very much enjoy your electoral advance.

        And thank you, Grant, for facilitating a most important endowment to our democratic knowledge and health. How are we going to do this? Should we maybe devote a post specifically for questions for Mr Evers, so they are all in the one place? If that place is to be this thread, then I’d like to re-place my question to Mr Evers, and perhaps others may wish to do the same. I have a handful of important questions but I feel they’ll be asked otherwise so I’ll limit mine to the following:


        <Given council management was (and will continue) advising councillors that: An independent economic assessment identified a host of benefits to the CBD, including a variety of financial benefits over a 30 year period totalling $57 million . And given that the ICAC weighs “perception of conflict of interest” heavily. And given that a mayor oversees the general manager in day to day matters, how would you deal with the “non-pecuniary interest” declaration by Clr. Adendorff?

        I note particularly in relation to this that you wish to restore trust in government. The ICAC weighs perception of conflict of interest heavily because of this very same concern: public trust.

        Had you been mayor when these declarations were first submitted, what role do you feel you would have played and how would you have handled the situation?

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