“Lets get 10,000 plus signatures and take our concerns about Gordon Street to State Parliament” – Citizens Voice

A group of community members met last week to discuss the proposed Council Chambers/Cultural Centre development.

This was not a public meeting but an initial discussion with the aim of deciding what to do next regarding Council’s decision to proceed to the next stage of this proposed Gordon Street development.

The group, known as ‘Citizens’ Voice’ is fully supportive of improved cultural facilities such as a library, art gallery and museum and also a genuine performing arts centre but it is strongly opposed to various aspects of the Gordon Street Council Chambers/Cultural Centre development as is currently proposed by the Coffs Harbour City Council. As a result the group wishes to pause the progress of this development to allow for more meaningful community consultation and to assess other options.

A possible option? The 2010 plans originally drawn up by the Coffs Harbour City Council for City Hill

A brand new petition has now been launched with the aim of gathering signatures of support from at least 10,000 residents of the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area for submission to the State Legislative Assembly in Sydney. 

This petition is available for signing at the Park Beach Plaza Information Desk or The Art Shop. It must have real signatures on it in order to be presented to the legislative assembly so cannot be an online petition.

If the petition reached 10,000 handwritten signatures or more it will be presented to a full session of the NSW Legislative Assembly in Sydney (above) for consideration by the Parliament

Copies of the petition are also available from The Art Shop during business hours: 

The Art Shop,

Unit 2/151 Orlando Street,

Coffs Harbour (behind Cetnag Lighting next door to Vast Interiors)

Completed or semi completed petitions should be returned to the office of Coffs Harbour’s State Member – Gurmesh Singh MP in Park Avenue, Coffs Harbour. 

Citizen’s Voice stress that this is a totally new petition as previous ones referred to the Rescission Motion which was before Council at that time and that handwritten signatures are required to make it valid. 

Citizen’s Voice asks that if you signed the previous petition that you now sign the current one too.    

A similar strategy is currently being adopted in Port Macquarie by ratepayers in response to a Council proposal there to build an orbital road that has become very controversial. You can read about that here: https://www.portnews.com.au/story/6325109/orbital-road-alliance-hits-petition-milestone-as-council-looks-at-all-options/

10 thoughts on ““Lets get 10,000 plus signatures and take our concerns about Gordon Street to State Parliament” – Citizens Voice

  1. We don’t need this 10000 signature petition what we need is a mayor who acts in the interests of the majority of the people. The people of Coffs Harbour have elected a council that is split evenly for and against the Gordon St proposal so it is convention that a casting vote maintains the status quo i.e. not progressing with the project until all information has been made clear to the public and our elected representatives vote clearly one way or another, having one person especially one so obviously biased in one direction having two votes is not democratic and contrary to good governance.

  2. Any chance of the petition being available for signatures somewhere in the southern suburbs of Boambee/Toormina/Sawtell?

    1. IGA Boambee,
      Pharmacy Boambee,
      Caltex Service Station Toormina
      Coffee Shop Toormina, Service Center
      Tyrepower Power Hogbin Drive Toormina. All have the Petition.

  3. THANKYOU ” Citizens Voice” for organising this petition. Also THANKYOU Steve Gooley for allowing a space at Park Beach Plaza ( which is where the majority of the LGA go to shop) can sign and lodge this petition.

    THANKYOU Jammi Winnocott for organising the online petition of over 2200 that was ignored by Mayor Denial Denise Knight , Cr Michael Chamber of Commerce 4 CBD owned buildings Lawyer Aidenorff, Cr George Chamber of Commerce Cecatto & Cr Sally Bellingen Resident Townley & GM Dictator Steve McGrath .

    Mayor Denial Denise Knights radio Interview on FM 105.5 with A & B said that the Majority were for it too be built and that …Only a small Vocal Loud Minority were against it being built. Also Mayor Denial Denise said she does not go on Social Media as ” We are Nasty” etc etc. I think we are mostly FRUSTRATED with her and CHCC behavior and what’s gone down!!!

    Cr Michael Aidenorff Radio Interview with Moffee on Triple M Coffs Coast which was Pathetic …said we were a LOUD VOCAL neysayers small minority of 20 something. …that was causing him grief .

    Well I say too the population of Coffs Coast LGA …we have this OPPORTUNITY…too BURST THE BUBBLE of Mayor Denial Knight ,GM Steve McGrath,Cr Michael Aidenorff, Cr George Cecatto and Cr Sally Townley and show them and the State Parliament that we the residents/ ratepayers are the MAJORITY are not at all happy with what has gone on at CHCC.!!!

    We need to act fast and not delay with our written signature as no doubt GM Dictator Steve McGrath will be over in his Council Bunker ….plotting…scheming in those closed Confidential secret meeting with those ” SECRET WHISPERS” with a very, very small group who have vested interest that will Benefit them ….and not the Majority of ratepayers who will fund this $100 million plus ( including Gordon St Road Upgrade) Ugly Duckling Extravagant New Council Admin building.

    Please share the news about this petition and where it can be lodged and signed. Power to the People!

    Regards Max

  4. This is an unwarranted expence of rate payers funds. Also its in the wrong place and will not serve the public. Please veto this councils actions which are not in line with ratepayers wishes.

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