Last Saturday was World Pangolin Day – Can they be saved?

The scaly anteaters native to Asia and Africa were originally blamed for transmitting COVID-19 to humans.

DW media takes a look at the critically endangered creatures that are susceptible to coronaviruses and trafficking.


In addition Richard Peirce, a world renowned conservationist and champion of the Pangolins, who has previously exclusively written for CCO, can also be watched on this YouTube clip (below) launched for this years Pangolin Day.

Join author and wildlife campaigner Richard Peirce in conversation with Don Pinnock as they discus Richard’s important new book ‘Pangolins Scales of Injustice’ (57 mins long approx);

Richard’s May 2020 article exclusively for Coffs Coast Outlook can be found here;

One thought on “Last Saturday was World Pangolin Day – Can they be saved?

  1. Thank you Ed for bringing this to the attention of people via your highly rated media platform.
    The more people knowing about the plight of the Pangolin the more chance the trade in their scales will diminish. Just gotta get it into the heads of the idiots who think consuming keratin is good for health reasons. Why don’t they just chew their finger nails instead !!
    Plus, as we now know Pangolins are a vector source of this Covid-19 along with bats. Read the book or listen to the interview.

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