Last night’s last candidate’s meeting – a recording

The last meet the candidate’s meeting of the CHCC LGA election due to be held this Saturday was held last night.

It was hosted by the Coffs Harbour LGA Residents and ratepayers association at the Cavanbah Hall in Coffs Harbour.

A Facebook video recording of the event, 2 hours 12 minutes, can be seen here;

5 thoughts on “Last night’s last candidate’s meeting – a recording

  1. Basic commonsense questions I asked in all presentations by mayoral candidates during their campaigning regarding the CCS-idea.

    Who of them all has “lived experience” in costly development? Who is talking ‘only what they think’ with no more substance than that. Who has ‘investigated’ or ‘looked into it’ and had their heads bent by management? Who has guts? Whose ideals bend, governed by an external ideation? Who thinks contracts, by mere fact of being on paper, signed, are utterly immoveable for now until kingdom come? Who thinks reclaiming common sense for the ‘idea’ is too hard? Who can save a massive amount of money? Who foolishly thinks severe division and reason just goes away once a bad idea is finally built? Who compares apples with horse poop and thinks they’re one and the same? Who will, I think, represent the greater will of the people, as has ever been that will, since the idea vomited itself into its various beings thrust into our heads? Who understands contracts can be renegotiated, if you know how to do it, and have done? Who understands the idea exists, in real-world terms, mostly in our heads? Who truly understands the idea can change, that plans on paper can change, and has the experience to know how change is done, and the inner strength to do it?

    And the ultimate question I asked with the above in mind — Who has got it right?

    One, only.

    1. 40c, there will be thousands on Coffs Community members who will refuse to acknowledge the “YAM”, or as I prefer to cal it “The Parsnip” (my single most hated vegetable, as a child), until it has been re-imagined, redesigned and constructed according to the community’s wishes, by the incoming council. The current ludicrous name can be discarded and it should then be renamed by our Gumbaynggirr people.

  2. IMO the average ratepayer/voter can smell horseshit from afar, it fascinates me that with all these candidates speaking, only one says, with common sense and experience, that this ‘parsnip’ can and should be changed.

    To repeat myself Rodger “will bolt in.”

  3. Why were there no answers to the fraud and corruption audit that has proven it exists to some degree within council? And what were the Actual findings of that audit?

    1. The reason this question was not addressed Tory was because no one asked it. There was some discussion regarding Coastal Works which a number of the candidates responded to.

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