Labor for Bellingen Council releases full plan

Labor for Bellingen on Sunday released a positive plan for Bellingen Shire to deliver the lifestyle, services and community wanted by residents and businesses.

Called  “A positive plan for change and progress”, the 12 point plan addresses all aspects of the council’s operations and issues confronting the local community. 

The release of the plan follows local community consultation and draws on the experience of candidates, Labor members in the area and expertise from policy experts.

The plan covers:

  • A vision for Bellingen Shire – focusing council on the lifestyle, services and community we want
  • Community safety first – ensuring the security of our residents, roads, rivers and forests,
  • Turning things around – focus on creating jobs and helping small business
  • COVID safety and recovery – keeping us safe and getting us back to normal
  • Sound budget management – making sure Council lives within its means
  • Supporting business & farmers – providing practical support to establish, grow & market
  • Action on housing – accelerated implementation of the local housing strategy
  • Stringent environmental protection – protecting and restoring our incredible nature
  • Broad economic growth – creating jobs across the shire in multiple industries
  • Improving community support – delivering projects that help people every day
  • Delivering critical infrastructure – improving amenity, safety and opportunity for all
  • Making council effective – making council people-friendly and responsive.

Labor for Bellingen’s candidate for Mayor, Andrew Woodward (above) said; “a positive plan for change and progress delivers what the people of Bellingen Shire want. It will enable us to create a council that keeps us safe, turns things around, prepares for the future and protects what’s important to us.

The plan came together over many months. We’ve listened to the local community and held many meetings to discuss the issues, needs and priorities of Bellingen Shire. 

We blended local community input with our combined experience and expertise to develop a realistic, credible and funded plan to deliver what’s needed for all of Bellingen Shire. 

All of our discussions have focused on delivering for the whole shire, not just certain towns and villages or interest groups. Labor’s plan is a plan for everyone and everywhere.

We will only get the progress we plan if we change and change starts with voting in a Labor Mayor and Councillors at the election. 

If you don’t like the current council, then don’t vote the Greens and Independents back in. Don’t vote for more of the same. It’s time for change and to vote Labor”, Mr Woodward said.

The above is a Labor for Bellingen media release, 14 November. CCO will publish all media releases sent to it in relation to the LGA elections on December 4 so long as they meet legal requirements.

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