Labor announces plan for covid safe Bellingen Shire

Labor yesterday released a plan to help keep Bellingen Shire COVID-19 free and to bring the community back together.

Under the plan, council would play a more active role in local COVID-safety. It would also lead a community recovery program to bring the community back to life and to help local small businesses get back on their feet. 

Under the Labor plan:

  1. Council would devise and lead a campaign for people to buy from local businesses 
  2. Council would fund the Neighbourhood Care Network (NCN)
  3. Council communications would be revamped making information more accessible and relevant
  4. Council would fund local sewage testing (when the NSW Government won’t)
  5. Council facilities would be made available for testing and vaccination clinics
  6. The Neighbourhood Care Network would be engaged to reinforce COVID safety messages
  7. Council would actively pursue the state and federal governments on protection (mass vaccination clinic, vaccine availability and better communications)
  8. A community summit would be held to commence the process of recovery 
  9. Council would lead the development and implementation of a community, business and tourism recovery plan 
  10. Existing council and community initiatives would be supported.

The Labor team has declared community safety as the number one issue to be addressed should it succeed at the 4 December 2021 poll. In addition to COVID issues, Labor’s plan includes plans for safer roads; protecting waterways and farmlands from pollution; ensuring best practices on forest and fire management and reducing crime through job creation. All of Labor’s plans for a safer community are funded within current council resources.

Andrew Woodward (below), Labor Candidate for Mayor and Councillor said “we’re all sick of the lockdowns. We have to do our bit locally to keep Bellingen Shire COVID-19 safe and free. If we do, life will return to normal and quickly and stay normal. That’s the number one priority. 

Andrew Woodward

We need to reconnect people in the shire with people in the shire and our shire with the outside world. We also have to return our businesses to good health.”


The above is a Labor for Belling Council media release. Friday 9 September 2021.

Coffs Coast Outlook will publish all media releases by Coffs Coast candidates for the council elections which are now to be held on 4 December so long as they have legally acceptable content.

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