Knight uses casting vote, Fraser calls for Administrator to be appointed

At last nights Council meeting after another 4/4 tied vote Mayor Knight, controversially used her casting vote to vote for the new Civic Centre and council Chambers proposed for Gordon Street.

Former Coffs Harbour MP Andrew Fraser has called on the State Government to appoint an Administrator to run Coffs Harbour City Council

This lead to former Coffs Harbour MP Andrew Fraser to call for the appointment of an Administrator to take over and run the council. Listen to his interview with Moffee of Triple M below;

Listen here:

Read here about casting votes and other matters pertinent to last night’s meeting:

20 thoughts on “Knight uses casting vote, Fraser calls for Administrator to be appointed

  1. Does anyone else think AF is taking the limelight away from G Singh?

    It’s common knowledge AF has a difficult relationship with Council. Seems sour grapes to me.

    Anyway Andrew. Thanks for taking the fight forward.

  2. I have never been aware that Andrew Fraser had issues with council. I applaud his decision Has he, being previously a leader in our community, is aware of the high percentage of the community who were concerned with this appalling decision.

  3. I am utterly opposed to the council decision to proceed with the Gordon Street development however Andrew Fraser seens to be suffering relevance deprivation syndrome, an ailment common to many of us retirees.
    Andrew should play his golf secure in the knowledge that after 28 years of representing Coffs Harbour we still do not have a highway bypass and he has put in place processes to make available public land at the jetty to private developers. His legacy is assured.

  4. Andrew Fraser is a long term resident and has every right as a RATEPAYER…. too call for the the appointment of an administrator too run Coffs Council.

    Take a look at and see what was built for $60 million dollars and has won an Award for its design.
    Take the virtual tour . It’s located on a large landholding with views and would look perfect on City Hill.
    Mayor Knight used it as a comparison to Gordon St in her interview with Moffee yesterday…because it was near the CBD and had controversy with it being built.
    I used this building for 4 months ….and Mayor Knight ….it’s NO COMPARISON to what you voted for last night!!! It’s a landmark Showpiece…not a $100 million building designed around a Fig Tree…… overlooking a Filthy dirty polluted Car Park!!!!

    THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU Andrew Fraser for leading the way in calling for the Administrators in and representing us ‘ Dinosaurs.

    Cr Sally Townley forget about running for local government as we the Majority thought you would of listened too us and came too your senses from the Public Outcry these past few weeks. Like Elephants we will remember the 8th of August 2019 council meeting.

    You live in Bellingen ….you took the Oath… And you have lost all respect..So so so disappointed in you Cr Townley!!!

    SHAME ON YOU And the rest of your ARROGANT GROUP…who did not LISTEN TOO THE MAJORITY of your electorate. . …That’s misconduct in my eyes!!!

    Karma works in Mysterious ways ….and it will only be a Matter of Time.

    Regards Max

    Regards Max 🙂

    Mayor Knight called Andrew Fraser and those of us who are City Hill Fans Dinorsors!!! ‘
    Well Knight Mayor ….we dinosaurs are not extinct….Go Andrew Fraser and Bring in the Administrators and ICAC as well.

  5. Hear, hear, Andrew – but I think this council’s antics over the past decade deserves thorough inquiry, particularly public consultation practices, or lack thereof, and pecuniary interests. The Mayor has shown complete contempt for those who do not agree with her ‘vision’ and thus displayed how unsuited she is for the role. Given the council’s tied vote and community backlash, a real leader would have called for further debate on the issue which is customary in the Westminster system of government, rather than resort to exercising a casting vote which has further divided the community.

  6. OK let’s first of all be upfront here. I have never voted for Andrew Fraser before and yes, arguably, as mentioned by some posters here his record in some aspects can be questioned.

    But on this one I am 100% behind him. This Council has started to treat the average citizen and ratepayer with contempt. Apparently only key CBD ratepayers seem to count. Not all CBD ratepayers mind, just some key ones.

    For the rest of us it seems to be ‘tough luck, suck on this’. An attitude now personified by the Mayor and those three Councillors who ‘toadied’ along with her and the GM over the past month or so.

    Well I, like many others, have had a gut full of the ‘Castle Street Kremlin’. It is time for the upper echelons of the Coffs Harbour Council to be put under microscopic investigation and for the place to be given the full ‘dettol and wire brush treatment.’

    The place isn’t a swamp. In my opinion it’s now a cesspit from which there appears to be no respite.

    Far too many things from Gordon Street through to what appear to be ‘nudge, nudge, wink, wink dealings, around the possible sale of council assets, Coastal Works and apparent conflict of interests as far and wide as our great southern land now have a rather rancid smell about them in my opinion.

    And then there is the issue of what appears to be a ‘bum kicking management style too.

    I feel sorry for most Council staff who are not senior management. They have my empathy and sympathy having to go to work in a place where i am told morale is through the bottom of the barrel. They are not to blame.

    The sooner an administrator is appointed the better in my opinion.

  7. It seems that Mayor Knight went shopping for a NEW OUTFIT and she found one she liked at Shellharbour .
    Like most spoiled shoppers she took no notice of the price tag and went ahead and ordered one on the NEVER/NEVER Bugger the consequences .
    Blind FREDDY can see its all wrong for the ratepayers ( we have strongly told her that but she takes NO NOTICE).

    1. The mayor demonstrates high levels of stubbornness and arrogance. She should have her European holiday and not come back! We have emailed OLG and appealed for their intervention and investigation. There’s certainly a bad smell coming from CHCC.

    2. Bill Jones Mayor Knight is a Doctor’s Wife . They never worry about the price tag…..EGO & NARCISTIC PERSONALITY …and we the Ratepayers pick up the Tab for her spending $100 million dollars plus… of Ratepayers money .

  8. I would to agree with Ron.Sorry Andrew Fraser I have not voted for National Party,but support Mr Frasers right to comment on the ridiculous development.I am totally opposed.
    The comment that Mr Fraser had “a difficult relationship with the council” is that a euphemism for scrutinising their performance or lack there of .Mr Fraser was responding to ratepayers complaints and representing them .I recall years ago visiting his office with an issue and Mr Fraser said 8 out of ever 10 issues
    he dealt with voters every day was the council poor performance.Mr G Singh has ever opportunity to comment on this development as a paid state politician
    An administrator needs to be appointed now and ICAC to look at pecuniary interests

    1. John I have just listened to a 25 min radio Interview from 2013. It was to do with the skate park and CBD Masterplan. Mayor Denise Knight …In her own words.. …I own a small unit in CBD , Cr Innes & Cr Bob Palmer’s wife have businesses in CBD…and when you have INTERESTS then you are not ALLOWED TO VOTE…you have to BE HONEST…and DECLARE a Pecuniary Interest. !!!!!
      Well what happened about Lawyer Cr Michael Aidenorffs 4 CBD holdings with one 300 metres from Gordon St Project.?????
      He only received 65 votes in Sept 2016 election and received Mayor Knights preferences too get elected.
      Who do they think they are …..Seriously…. Bring in the Administrators as well as ICAC.

      1. How does someone who gets just 65 votes (out of 40,000+) become a councillor? Mayor Knight must love the guy to give him her preferences. Something not right with the system. Now we’re stuck with a guy with conflict of interests who is allowed to vote and, from his radio interview, demonstrates that he is not too bright.

        1. Thanks for the statement re votes. Most of the councillors are elected by piggy backing on someone else vote.

          As far as conflict of interest goes. At least he admitted the interest. Others didn’t. And… building these new structures in the CBD will have bugger all effect on values in the CBD.
          Reading this blog I would say it will have a negative effect due to increased parking and congestion as stated on this blog.

  9. Well said Ron Russell ….well said . You have described it Brilliantly & Truthfully.
    It’s time too bring in the Administrators & ICAC in ….. Andrew has the Contacts .
    Regards Max

  10. I support Andrew Fraser in the call to the Minister for the appointment of an Administrator as it would seem to me the Coffs Harbour City Council is no longer a functioning organism; “using a casting vote to manufacture an outcome” is trounce
    a core principle of the Westminster system; voting when one has failed to disclose a “significant pecuniary interest” and “has held discussions with a prospective purchaser of a publicly owned asset” are breaches of the Statutory Obligation to act at all times in the best interests of the people and, where there is doubt, to err on the side of caution. Finally, it is my view, that the original Motion was defective as the Code calls for the General Manager to provide to the Councillors with a detailed report on quantum, term, source of borrowings, quantity surveyor’s costings and assumptions. It was patent on 25 July 2019 that the Councillors were “uninformed” and the reality is that no funding source would approve an application for funding if that application did not contain ALL the detail. I submit detail could not be provide because the building is UN-COSTED. (the Architect on radio, $36 million dollars is an ALLOWANCE!). The General Manager has failed in his responsibility to provide information to the Councillors to enable them to make an informed judgment. The General Manager is yet to confirm that he has reported Councillor Adendorff’s conduct (discussions on the potential sale of Rigby House) to ICAC in accord with his responsibility to do so. (Section 11) Janne C Lindrum

    1. Thank goodness there are residents like you, Janne, that can express your comments so well. It’s a pity that many residents wouldn’t be aware of the facts. We would also welcome Andrew Fraser’s involvement but also wonder what Gurmesh Singh is considering?

  11. I can only think of one response to the claim” no increase in values of the CBD”.To use a well worn real estate phrase LOCATION,LOCATION,LOCATION ie REDFERN IN SYDNEY.Why else would you buy there?All councillors need to disclose pecuniary interest to ICAC now

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