Jacqui Lambie accuses main parties of making Australia ‘sitting ducks’ for China

Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie has accused both major political parties of lacking the courage to protect Australia from the “existential threat” of Chinese foreign influence in an impassioned speech to parliament.

By Nour Haydar

“It’s about time the people in this place woke up to China’s attempts to infiltrate our economy and our democracy,” Senator Lambie said.

Senator Lambie said leaders must “be brave” and pull back Australia’s reliance on China as a trading partner. Photo: AAP

“Both sides of politics need to take a good hard look at themselves and make sure they’re acting in our national interest which quite obviously, over China, they are not.

“We’re sitting ducks here.”

The outspoken Tasmanian crossbencher made the comments during a debate in the Senate on Tuesday night, while urging the Coalition and Labor to support Centre Alliance Senator Rex Patrick’s calls to establish an inquiry into Australia’s relationship with China.

Labor and the Coalition subsequently voted against the motion.

Senator Lambie said warnings about the Chinese Communist Party’s attempts to influence Australia’s parliament are “not some wacky conspiracy theory” while declaring “they’re coming”.

“Someone who was supposedly cultivated by the Chinese government to run as a Liberal Party candidate in the Commonwealth Parliament has shown up dead,” she said.

“Nothing’s been proven but it’s really concerning… I think we all know what’s going on here.

“What is clear is that China is actively trying to reshape our democracy, and no-one seems to be talking about that seriously enough.”

Senator Lambie said successive governments on both sides of politics have allowed Australia to become too economically dependent on China, accusing the major parties of “selling off Australian values for a quick buck”.

“A third of Australian exports are China-bound, we ship out more than $120 billion in iron ore and coal exports to China and our universities, shame on them, rake in over $32 billion from international students,” she said.

She said they needed to “be brave” and pull back Australia’s reliance on China as a trading partner.

“All that money is making us complacent.”

Senator Lambie also praised the work of the New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption and pointed to recent revelations that Chinese billionaire Huang Xiangmo allegedly gave a senior NSW Labor Party official $100,000 in an Aldi bag as proof of its success.

“They have a strong anti-corruption commission that can proactively stamp out this stuff, and they have some of the best donation laws in the country, this is why New South Wales regulators were able to smell a rat,” she said.

“The fact is that there are basically no protections from stopping this happening at a federal level and not because there can’t be but because there’s no courage to make it happen.

“There’s no enforcement of the rules and there’s no follow-up if things look off.”

First published at The New Daily – Wednesday 4 December 2019. See; https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/politics/australian-politics/2019/12/04/jacqui-lambie-china-threat/


  1. praririerose

    I came across this comment by someone called Boerwar today on the Poll Bludger site – it seems entirely appropriate in relation to this article;

    “Yep. 70% of dairy processing in Australia is now owned by Chinese interests. No-one has done an analysis but I would be reasonably certain that some of these at least have dairy interests in China.

    I can see several theoretical opportunities for the self-interested interests (is there any other kind?) to screw Australia by of cost/shifting tax minimization, and Australian dairy farmers by way of pay low here and lift the charges there.

    Long term national insanity comes to mind.”

  2. I am not surprised that Jacqui Lambie was voted by the public as one of the most trusted politicians.She may not be the most articulate speaker and a bit rough around the edges.But she is sincere and honest.She wants the best for Australia and Australians .I am not sure other politicians feel this way.
    I used to pass this graffiti in the 1970s that read “Australians are bloody minded sheep”I feel this is entirely appropriate with our dealings with China.When are we going to wake up to their agenda?Many of our politicians are compromised by pecuniary interest with China.These include Keating outrageous comments on ASIO and failing to reveal he is on the board of a CCP bank.Then we have Andrew Robb a retired trade minister accepting $880,000 consultants job in China and having to resign.Who could forget Sam Dastyari being filmed accepting a gift from a chinese business man?Then we have Bob Hawke visiting China over a hundred times on business trips after retiring ,probably with our gold travel pass.We have the vocal retired Bob Carr entangled in education funding for chinese students.Now Xenophon representing Huawei in Australia.
    The recent free trade agreement signed with China by Morrison,the details still to be revealed .But take a wild guess who wrote the agreement, surprise China.No wonder India refused to sign the agreement and of course there was little media scrutiny here,the bloody minded sheep again!!
    We desperately need more independents like Lambie in parliament.Polticians must reveal any pecuniary interests in China,especially business dealings.We deserve better representation to stand up for the Australias interest.

  3. Where is the National Party when all this is happening?

    • Selling our precious, fast disappearing water off to their donors, and pretending to mind the sheep dip while the drought gets worse and the fires burn and burn NAS.

      Oh and selling out their voters too.

      Systems normal in other words.

  4. Mmmm! I am probably going to need a bit of time for reflection on this one. My problem is several fold. First, some “may” recall the enormous contribution of the German settlers to the growth of this nation then along came WWI and the National Securities Bill which saw Germans (who were actually naturalised Australians) thrown out of their jobs, tossed out of their University Chairs and jailed; the lands they were granted returned to the Commonwealth. After that, the history of the enormous contribution made by those early German settlers, was buried; including the establishment of the billion dollar wine industry!!! In 1964 – so many years later with so much history washed under the bridge – along came Donald Horne’s book”The Lucky Country” warning Australians of their over-reliance on the mining industry, their loss of brain power, pathetic leadership, failure to invest in research and degradation of the manufacturing sector. Between 1964 and today, things have progressively got worse. Because the worsening of the situation has been progressive, people did not notice it was happening, that did not notice that a CEOs wage and bonuses went from $500,000.00 to $millions +++ it is only now that people are beginning to speak out and those speaking live in fear of the consequences. We are no longer “The Lucky Country”. We have people sleeping on the streets. We have large numbers addicted to alcohol, drugs and gambling. Our children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren have catch up to play with our neighbours who are streets ahead of us intellectually. Our river systems are drying up. Our leaders are keeping facts from us and are more concerned with implementing a booze bus connection than everyday connectivity. Eventually, when we go to the polls, we will decide to think seriously about whether or not the person we are voting for deserves our time or we will become so old that we will no longer care. I hope I never hear myself utter the words, “It is not my problem, but it is certainly going to be yours.” Janne C Lindrum

  5. blueyblogger

    What most of the world don’t know is;
    In 2011, the Chinese government, their military top brass, a group of international scientists and physicists, got together and hired a famous American Federal judge for 22 days, a man with a 233 IQ, housed him in the ‘Bird’s Nest’ presidential suite, provided him with a limo and driver/interpreter, and whilst there, to oversee the writing of a very special and very secret ‘patent’ for the newly developed ‘clear aluminium’. The end product being seen now on many a SciFi movie, Military movie, Superhero or Spy movie, which involves cellphones and computer screens, and Holographic screens.
    However, the real reason the judge was there, was to show them ALL the proof of how Mathematically Certified Language & Grammar, especially within contracts, therefore creating a level-playing-field-contract, or ‘non zero sum game’. Within 5 hours, the judge had detected and disqualified nearly 8000 flaws, and mistakes within the Chinese languages of over 10,000 characters, leaving only 2000 characters remaining, which can be mathematically certified both frontwards & backwards……..which is now being taught in Chinese universities and schools.
    Mr Rudd, Mr Keating, and many others at the top, have this knowledge by the way, as it has passed through the halls of parliament on many an occasion, with the public totally unaware.
    The new Vatican Banking contracts for the world, are also written using this technology.
    Whosoever studies and learns this mathematically-certified, non-contestable writing technology, will be in control of the writing of ALL contracts they become involved with, and due to the fact that China are learning this technology much quicker than the rest of the world, they will obviously control all contract writing for the world, thereby placing the current bureaucracy and everyone else who writes contrary to Quantum, unemployable!
    I would advise anybody who reads this post, to go check for yourselves…..the videos are now all over YouTube and Google, just punch in ‘QUANTUM GRAMMAR’.

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