Jackson Browne: Downhill from Everywhere review – voice of the boomers faces his mortality

Still regarded as the most artful of 1970s west coast singer-songwriters, Browne frets about the environment and his use by date

By Alexis Petridis

“I’m still looking for something,” sings Jackson Browne on the opening track of his first album in eight years. “I’m way out over my due date.” It sounds like a stark admission, as if he’s as surprised as anyone that he’s still recording at 72.

Browne’s reputation has helped keep him aloft. He was the most artful of the 1970s west coast songwriters, who didn’t just spill his guts in confessional style but chronicled the boomer generation’s uncertain and increasingly disillusioned path through a landscape in which hippy idealism had withered: “Caught between the longing for love and the struggle for legal tender,” as he put it on 1976’s The Pretender, a song that fairly accurately presaged the dawning of the yuppie era.

Read the full review from The Guardian, published 15 July last here; https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/jul/15/jackson-browne-downhill-from-everywhere-review

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