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‘Illegal water dam’ on local creek?

Our girls asked to go to the creek on the weekend. It’s disappeared since the waist deep water some of you got to enjoy with us on Australia Day.

From the Facebook page of a Coffs Coast local.

A short wander up the dry creek bed lead to the discovery of a 6 foot high dirt wall damming Dundoo Creek.

The new blueberry farm has put in a new access road and have a pump house, hoses and a ‘genny’ at the creek sending water up to their green houses.

This is why some Coffs Coast residents have an issue with unregulated blueberry farming.

A dirt dam on Dundoo Creek.

There’s an election this weekend people! Make them accountable! I want them to have to pull it down and release the water back to the kms of ecosystem that flow to the Orara River. We aren’t the only property this is an issue for! Did they not think we would have an issue!?!

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Dundoo Creek Dam from another angle

Photos and video taken from public property.

See full video here: https://www.facebook.com/rachelilly/videos/10157125534298281/

Original Facebook post and all photos and video can be found at https://www.facebook.com/rachelilly/posts/10157125534448281

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