“I reported former Deputy Mayor to ICAC” – Rodger Pryce

This morning, following a slew of overnight posts on local Facebook sites drawing attention to the role of Mayoral candidate Rodger Pryce in a 1991-93 ICAC investigation into the then CHCC Deputy Mayor, Brian Zouch, Mr Pryce went onto breakfast radio with Moffee to respond.

In the interview Mr Pryce outlined what happened in 1991 and explained that he had personally initiated the investigation by taking the case to ICAC himself.

The interview can be heard here; https://www.triplem.com.au/shows/moffee-for-breakfast/catch-up/a8e945f2-3a42-404c-bef8-adeb016200e4


The ICAC report – what CCO has known.

The report was done by Mr Peter McClellan, QC (below) an ICAC Assistant Commissioner, who was in charge of this investigation and also presided over the hearing. Justice McClellan is now a Judge of Appeal in NSW and was previously Chief Judge at Common Law in the Supreme Court of NSW.

Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science Seminar | Royal Commission into  Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
The Hon Justice Peter McClellan QC also recently chief commissioner of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses.

We have known about this ICAC report since early this year mostly via an abstract of the full report and also from 1991-93 media reports.

We were also aware of a local Channel 10 TV report in 1993 that alleged Mr Pryce was ‘a middleman’ to Zouch.

However, we understand the story was retracted the very next day along with an apology.

We were also made aware last week that Mr Pryce may have been the person who initially reported Brian Zouch to ICAC in 1991. Early this week other sources confirmed to us they believed this could well be the case.

Early this week, on Monday 22nd, we obtained the full ICAC report.

On social media overnight (Thursday 25/Friday 26 November) on some local Facebook sites excerpts from the ICAC report were published.

Excerpts such as this;

From Page 62 of the ICAC report.


Interestingly the following important bits were not shown ……….

“The whole of this evidence presents a number of difficulties. I accept Pryce’s evidence of his conversation with Zouch and am satisfied that monies were paid as a result by Merton to Zouch, the source being Spectrum Golf.” (Pg 64 – report. Emphasis added).

And then there is this from then Assistant Commissioner, now Justice, McClellan QC in his final summations;

I am of the view that consideration should not be given to prosecution of either Pryce or Hodson with respect to these matters. As to Zouch, consideration should be given to prosecuting him for bribery arising from the initial payment of $10,000. Consideration should also be given to prosecuting Merton* for bribery in relation
to the same payment.” (Page 65 of the report. Emphasis added).

* Merton was a developer and an un-elected person. A private citizen at the time.

We believe it is important that in order for readers to attain a rounded view that all the above needs to be presented.

5 thoughts on ““I reported former Deputy Mayor to ICAC” – Rodger Pryce

  1. Steve McGrath, whom many of us think stayed hiding cowardly in his office, day after day, week after month after year, as Denise Knight stood out front and took every one of the big hits each one of those days — for which he was and remains more responsible — might be shitting himself that someone in candidature has what it takes to go to the ICAC.

    Here is a question. Where are they now?

    Steve McGrath, still in that office, still not saying a word, is expecting to be elevated above the community, elevated above other general managers in NSW, including the big city councils, elevated into fabricated prestige, where he can send an ‘up you’ to Singleton Council from being what we have long expected as booted out, and an ‘up you’ retribution of fabricated presitge to general managers of the state for whom he was once their leading unionist, a position from which he was also removed.

    Denise Knight can’t wait to get out of here, go around Australia, and try to get her life back and some peace and happiness into it.

    ICAC. Strength. Makes you think.

  2. Politics, at all levels is a dirty game. The people who resort to false accusations, such as that made, and later retracted, by Sally Townley, against Rodger Pryce and CCIN’s Rob Trezise, are unscrupulous in my opinion. They are also prepared to dish it out, but they can’t take it.

    A number of critical questions relating to Sally Townley’s involvement with a covert community group, of which Brigit Mackenzie is a founding member, have gone unanswered.

    Questions pertaining in y humble opinion to Brigit Mackenzie’s past public behaviours, and which may reflect upon her suitability for election, also remain unanswered, even after several publications in a number of forums.

  3. Wow some one or more are digging deep for skeletons.
    Benjamin Franklin said it first.
    Don’t throw stones at your neighbors, if your own windows are glass.
    The ICAC investigated the conduct of a former Alderman of Coffs Harbour City Council, in relation to his dealings with developers in the Coffs Harbour district between September 1987 and September 1991.
    This report is no longer available online.
    Who would have thought our local politics would have come to this.

  4. A new cohort of trolls have stuck their heads above the parapet of fortress Advocates for Advancement it appears. Can anyone run by me again why this body exists? Clearly unsatisfied with the ineffectiveness of the dumb ass, monosyllabic insults hurled by the likes of Karen and Brigit they have decided to attempt to ramp things up a fair bit but have failed spectacularly. They have names and are easy to spot as they seem to only attack one candidate, speculatively using rumour and innuendo, and will often respond to valid comments opposing their views with laughing emojis rather than a counter argument.
    Yeah that really stuck it to em, eh guys?
    When attempting to denigrate using actual facts they can’t even get that right as the above article quite rightly points out. Fortunately I believe most people are smarter than what they think and can see through the rhetoric that they are attempting to pass off as valid election commentary.
    In a few weeks this will all be behind us and the true wishes of the community will be known. My only hope is that the result will be hugely emphatic one way or another.

  5. Note the perpetrators of this malicious act of desperate politics carefully! They do not deserve to represent our Council. I remember the ICAC investigation of 1993, and my recollection of events coincides with Rodger Pryce’s report to Moffee.
    Ironically, I believe this malicious action will backfire on those who promoted it. Instead of creating a bad reflection on Rodger Pryce, it highlights the sheer courage and character of the man standing for Mayor.
    Don’t be tricked into placing the blame on Rodger for an illegal act of his bookkeeper. Once he was fully aware of the illegality, Rodger lodged the action, gave evidence and cleared both his reputation and that of his company.
    I believe this to be a clear affirmation of the election campaign he presents – made all the more valid by 30 years of consistent professional ethics in my opinion.
    A tactical error by those who disgracefully sought to disparage Rodger!

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