Here’s who supports key transparency changes for a new council in Coffs Harbour

Recently we ran an editorial highlighting the three key things we believed any new Coffs Harbour City Council needed as a minimum to do to bring back greater transparency and representative control for residents and rate payers.

By The Editor

Here are the three key points;

(1)  An independent forensic audit of the CHCC be carried out by any new Council.

(2)  A promise to ensure Council resources are reassigned so as to focus on the broader Council area.

(3) Ensure complete ‘answer-ability’ to elected representatives by the CHCC Executive.

The full editorial together with our reasoning for these can be found here;


We also asked Teams running for Council to let us know if they supported these manifesto items and would aim to enact them.

Here is who said yes. In one case their reasoning is also supplied.

The Together We’ll Fix It Team. (Rodger Pryce for Mayor)

The Your Future Leaders Team ( Cr Tegan Swan for Mayor)

Coffs Harbour Labour – (Tony Judge for Mayor)

This is a supporting comment from Tony Judge;

I know that my position on the Cultural Centre is unpopular on your page, but no reason not to provide honest answers to your questions – as I have to all genuine questions during the campaign.

1. I am in favour of a forensic audit, as a due diligence exercise for an incoming group of Councillors.

2. I support fair allocation of resources across the LGA, based on need and a defined plan for our future. I don’t support a Ward system*. My view is that it would cause Council to degenerate into a horse-trading exercise rather than taking a broad view of the area’s needs.

3. I am on the public record (more than once) in the media, calling for a more transparent and accountable Council.

*CCO does not put this forward as ‘a must’ – more along the lines as something that should be considered among a range of possible measures.


We would ask readers to consider these teams answers when voting 1-9 below the line.

One thought on “Here’s who supports key transparency changes for a new council in Coffs Harbour

  1. Let’s hope that any audit focuses on the airport “Fire Sale” as it appears to be linked to the financing of the YAM.

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