“Here are the CCS/YAM facts” – Mayoral candidate Rodger Pryce

The following is Together We’ll Fix It for Council team’s Mayoral candidate Rodger Pryce’s summation of what he believes to the facts behind the controversial CCS/YAM building currently under construction in Gordon Street.

By Rodger Pryce

1. This was originally a Cultural Center including an Entertainment Venue.

2. The cost was $36.5 million, less significant Government funding more in the order of $15 million.

3. The Entertainment Venue was removed because “It was too difficult to include it”.

4. Council Offices were substituted for the Entertainment Venue.

5.The cost went to $76.5 million, then $81.3 million, plus the loss of Government funding due entirely to the inclusion of the Council Offices.

6. Cost to the community of the new Council Offices: $81.3 million + $15 million = $96.3 million, less original cost of Cultural Centre being $36.5 million = $59.8 million.

7. The Council estimated the cost of adding two extra floors to our existing Council Offices as being $15 million

8. The community is paying a net cost of $45.8 million for new Council Offices on floors six & seven of the CCS building under construction in Gordon Street.

9. Costings were to be reduced by $20 million, achieved by selling off debt free community owned assets.

10. Approximately $10 million only has been sold off.

11. The sale off of the unencumbered assets is being replaced by the community paying instead rent of approximately $3 million for a minimum three years.

12. Property industry accepted method of determining costs of a project have not been used by Council.

13. The value of the land has not been included in the cost.

14. The loan sought by Council on behalf of the community was $51 million for 30 years.

15. The two largest lenders approached eventually refused the loan application.

16. The Minister For Local Government advised: “The CCS Project should be paused. To proceed would be foolish and rash.”

17. Approximately 15,000 people signed a petition asking the Council not to proceed.

18. The current Council made the decision to proceed, to sign contracts, to borrow $51 million whilst remaining in office due to Covid. Without Covid, this Council would not be making these decisions.

The first, since amended, iteration of the CCS/YAM

More Facts:

1. The area of the new Council Offices is less than the area currently occupied by Council staff.

2. The documentation presented to the Government seeking approval for the building of the CCS states; ” The new Council Offices are sufficient for Council staff requirements for the next 20 years.”

3. The documentation submitted to the Government seeking approval stated that there would be “An expected 400,000 visitations to the CCS project”.

4. The documentation seeking approval from the Government stated that; ” There will be no appreciable increase in traffic movements in the Gordon Street precinct.”

5. A statement from a cost/benefit report done for Council recently released states that; “If the visitation numbers are not achieved, the CCS project will not be viable.”


The Coffs Harbour community on 4th December has an opportunity to elect a new Council.

The following Councillors, seeking re election as Mayor and as Councillors, who voted for the new Council Offices at an estimated net cost to the community of $45.8 million, are: Cr Sally Townley, Cr George Cecato and Cr Michael Adendorff.

The following candidates seeking election, who publicly support the $45.8 million cost of the new Council Offices are: Jonathon Cassell, Greens Partyand Tony Judge, Labor Party.

Use your vote wisely when considering who to vote for as your new Mayor and who you would want as your new Council.

If elected as Mayor, as a sign of protest, I will not have an office in the CCS building.

Furthermore, I will not accept the car, and the car costs that the community would otherwise have to pay for, if elected Mayor. I have a nice car, I could not drive around knowing the community would be paying for what I drove.

We need to watch what we spend, this is not a game of marbles and we are not playing with Monopoly money.


The above is a social media release from the Together We’ll Fix It Team 18 November 2021.

CCO will publish all media releases sent to it in relation to the LGA elections on December 4 so long as they meet legal requirements.

Email: [email protected]

5 thoughts on ““Here are the CCS/YAM facts” – Mayoral candidate Rodger Pryce

  1. Straight now to the core issue. Coffs Harbour Local Government Area elections 2021. Well done, Rodger Pryce.

    We’ve been waiting for so, so long for this issue to move front and centre.

    This core issue has two components. The CCS project. Steve McGrath.

  2. Yes well done rodger would be great for the 15000 plus, to see some justice to take shape, as 40c says we have been waiting a bloody long time for common sense to take control.

  3. Just as Joe Biden is transforming America and untying the knots, Rodger Pryce and his FIXIT team will transform the Coffs Harbour LGA.

    The very worst election outcome would be to have Townley, Cecato and Adendorff re-elected. Just any one of these scoundrels would only add to supporting GM McGrath to remain.

    A fresh “Can Do” Mayor along with a new GM has been a long time coming.

  4. Succinct, accurate, logical and considered, this summary calls out the bullshit from Knight & Co. for what it is. I’m more or less a single-issue voter, given that I lack the mental and emotional energy required to engage further, and that issue centres around the proposed council offices in Gordon St., and, more specifically, the scurrilous behaviour which has seen the project proceed.

    I wish that all voters in the forthcoming election could read this excellent piece.

  5. It appears to me that there is light at the end of the tunnel. A blend of the two teams ‘Together we’ll fix it’ and ‘Moose for Mayor” could be the salvation of our city.

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