1. Dick McDermott

    I’d say there has been a lot of things the Council has said and done already in relation to the so called CBD community project hence the outrageous pushback by the mayor and half the councillors, the General Manager and staff against the opposition to the project. Eight thousand signatures already opposing the progression of the project is a massive response out of a city of over seventy thousand, that’s ten percent of the population for a survey or petition which on average in contentious local government issues get a tenth of this sort of response. We need to find out so much more about the whys and wherefores of the project before our dollars are committed and our other services run down to pay for it.

  2. I agree with you Dick. 70 + submissions versus 8.000 + signatures on a petition says there was no community consultation in the normal course. The people of Coffs Harbour deserve much more than this and a lot of questions need, not just to be posed, but to be answered on a whole range of issues. Janne C Lindrum

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