Gurmesh Singh to Council – “Suspend the proposed Cultural and Civic Centre”

Coffs Coast Outlook has been given two letters from the State member for Coffs Harbour Gurmesh Singh wherein he asks Councillors to vote to suspend the Cultural and Civic Centre (CCC) project.

Screenshots of the letters are reproduced below. The first is addressed to CHCC Councillors.

Mr Singh has also written to Planning Minister Rob Stokes and asked for public hearings, using video or similar technology if necessary, into the proposed CCC project. A screen shot of part that letter is also reproduced below;

Lead picture: The ABC

9 thoughts on “Gurmesh Singh to Council – “Suspend the proposed Cultural and Civic Centre”

  1. It is deeply sorrowful that Mayor Denise Knight has willfully, and with determined actions, forsaken the community she has bestowed her love for.
    In persisting with the construction of the C&CS she has persistently denied the voice of the community to push ahead with a building that neither represents who we are, let alone identify what cultural significance this spending spree represents.
    Shame on you Denise Knight.
    One can only assume in my opinion that you, and your immediate supporters i.e. supporting Councillors are to gain in some some form of financial benefit? This question is based on 95% of the community against this project going ahead and your betrayal of the people that you were elected to represent. Gagged to the point of insignificance.
    Mayor Knight, considering the fact that you will not be re-elected why are you so determined to walk away with a huge bill that you have signed off on but the community wears the brunt of?
    Who is the middle people in this and what “pocket strings” do they pull?

  2. I’m disappointed in Gurmesh Singh for going down this path of starting conflict with council. Right or wrong This is what Andrew Fraser did for many years and it stopped Coffs Harbour progressing for many years.

    1. Although his politics and mine are probably poles apart, I applaud Gurmesh Singh for his actions with respect to this critical matter.

      As our local member it is his duty to support us, and to convey our concerns to those who have the power to do something about them.

      The abject failure of his parliamentary colleagues to act on our behalf, speaks volumes for the attitude of the Berejiklian government towards people in what is allegedly seen as safe seat.

      It may be unfortunate for Gurmesh Singh that the voters of Coffs Harbour will punish him, at the next election, for the dereliction of his fellows.

    2. It can certainly become problematic if State and Federal politicians intervene in Council matters, and your comment is fair, R Phillips. Mr Singh’s involvement in this issue, however, highlights two elements that warrant further thought.

      Firstly, there is extremely strong concern within the public mind about the CCC going ahead in this wild economic uncertainty – therefore this is a highly unusual and exceptional, critical issue. Secondly, there is strong community concern that the Council isn’t operating capably or fairly.

      The question to ask is: why did Mr Singh feel the need to speak up?

    3. How can sending a politely written letter to councillors and the planning minister conveying the views of what is arguably the majority of community members, be considered as “starting conflict”?

      What, do we now live in a totalitarian state where the opinions of individuals cannot be freely expressed?

      Unlike four of our elected councillors, Mr Singh is listening to, and acting on behalf, of his constituency.

      If there is any conflict, it was instigated by the mayor with her offensive, juvenile overreaction to Mr Singh’s sage advice.

  3. I’m commenting only to say that I am NOT the “Pat” who commented above, in case anyone assumes so, simply because I do sometimes comment. I think I’ve used my full name in the past.

    There is no way I would ever claim that 95% of the community is for or against anything. I suspect 75% of voters pay little attention to council activities outside of their particular concerns (dogs, potholes, fees).

    I also avoid making libelous statements, such as accusing a politician of receiving financial benefit from a project. If you’ve got proof, report it. Otherwise, don’t publish it.

    Editors note: Thanks for the clarification Pat. We were pretty sure it wasn’t you. The ‘other’ Pat you refer to however did post the issues mentioned as questions though. So on that basis we let it through. If they had been bold statements of ‘fact’ then that probably would have been a different story.

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