Gurmesh Singh selected to run for Nationals in March state election

“I’ll be here to listen and my goal will be to advocate for the people of Coffs Harbour.”

New candidate for the NSW Nationals in the seat of Coffs Harbour, Gurmesh Singh, has responded to some questions about his stance on unemployment and blueberry farms.

Coffs Harbour has the highest rates of youth unemployment in regional NSW and Mr Singh believes government needs to encourage growth to fix that.

“The success story of the western world is that business have grown and created a log of jobs and we need to foster and encourage business to grow here.”

As the chairman of blueberry coop Oz Group, Mr Singh believes there are solutions to the issues of buffer zones for farms.

“Farmers and neighbours need to work together to find a solution that works for them.

“We need better planning rules as well where homes can’t be built right next to a farm.”

He said farmers have been working on creating vegetation buffers and privacy screens to minimise affected properties.

He says he will step down as chairman if he is elected in 2019.


First published at The ABC Coffs Coast Facebook page. 


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