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Gurmesh Singh says nuclear power needs to be considered in NSW

Coffs Harbour MP Gurmesh Singh says the state government needs to consider nuclear power if it’s serious about climate action.

State member for Coffs harbour, Gurmesh Singh

His comments come after state National Party leader, John Barilaro said his party would support a law change that could pave the way for the alternative energy source.

He had a discussion on this with Moffee at TripleM Breakfast this morning about the topic which can be heard at the following link;


A parliamentary inquiry, led by a government MP, has recommended the law to overturning a ban on uranium mining. Critics say that could pave the way for nuclear energy in New South Wales.

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Mr Singh, a Nationals MP, says Coffs Harbour wouldn’t be a suitable location for a potential nuclear power plant, but he says the possible use of nuclear power to be considered.

Coffs Harbour MP Gurmesh Singh says the state government needs to consider nuclear power if it’s serious about climate action.

Based on an ABC Coffs Coast Facebook post – Thursday March 5 2020.

Editors note: The stance, apparently being strongly pushed by National Party State leader John Barilaro, is causing major problems within State Government according to The Sydney Morning Herald today . A bill, being pushed by State One nation leader, Mark Latham, has drawn Mr Barilaro’s support.

The “Nationals’ leader last week declared his party would support Mr Latham’s bill when it comes back before the upper house for a vote this month.

The bill would allow the bans on uranium mining and nuclear power to be lifted but it has not yet been considered by the Liberal or National party rooms or cabinet.

It follows a parliamentary inquiry report, which said the government should support the bill.

But the issue has caused such anger within Liberal ranks that one senior minister told the Sydney Morning Herald that they would quit cabinet before supporting Mr Latham’s bill.” See; https://www.smh.com.au/politics/nsw/barilaro-s-nuclear-push-bitterly-dividing-coalition-20200308-p547zm.html


  1. Just a glow in the dark

    Suggest the National Party proceeds with nuclear with conditions:
    1. Funds from the NSW Parliamentary Super Fund be invested in any nuclear power plant
    2. The builder obtains insurance for the plant

  2. Bronwyn Scott

    I cant believe this would be considered at all let alone in a tourist destination.

    You have a fight on your hands Germish. Stand up for your community that trusted you and put you in your position.

  3. Bronwyn Scott : You obviously have not read anything about Thorium reactors, like most people still living in the past “old nuclear technology  50 to 70 years ago”.

    We would get a lot more visitors to our area with a thorium reactor than the proposed new Council building

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