Gurmesh Singh calls on Coffs Harbour City Council to pause ‘Civic Project’

The Member for Coffs Harbour,Gurmesh Singh is calling on Councillors to pause the Gordon Street project.

Mr Singh called for this in an interview with Moffey on TripleM Coffs Coast this morning.

You can listen to that interview here;

In doing this he is supporting the 15,000 + petitioners who are not asking for the project to be stopped, just to pause and take stock of the process, the cost and all the options.

Lead picture: The ABC

5 thoughts on “Gurmesh Singh calls on Coffs Harbour City Council to pause ‘Civic Project’

  1. Great work Gurmesh at last week’s ‘petition debate’ and reinforced during this morning’s radio interview. At the next council meeting, councillors should respect the community and vote to ‘pause’ (much care to be taken with the wording). Should this happen, then our Mayor, in her own words, will find the situation “intolerable”. She should step down as mayor and/or resign from council. Our next phase has to be cleaning up council management.

  2. I had my issues with the Petition “debate” in Parliament, but full credit to our local member or this morning’s interview. Rational and sensible comments that also exposed the Council and dare I say it, the Mayor, for being hypocritical in their approach to the bypass tunnels and this new Council office building.

  3. Went to the Council meeting last night to watch the motion to pause the Gordon street project .Was absolutely disgusted with the way one speaker who spoke twice saying how poorly educated we the ratepayers are and how intelligent the Councilors who voted for the project are quoting rubbish remarks about the ratepayers,
    Also the ridiculous comments by 3 of the Councillors who voted for the project and the “arrogant” way the Mayor dismissed the motion. 

    1. Yes Bill, I believe this is the same ‘speaker’ who at a recent council meeting was overheard saying they “don’t know why all of the old people are concerned about [the Gordon Street development] because they will all be dead soon anyway”. But judging by the size of this person’s derriere` they may not be around for long either!

  4. Just heard 11 North coast councils have signed a letter to the PM concerning fires and climate change.Take a wild guess who was not a signatory.Good old slowpoke CHCC and the Mayor.I heard the mayor of Byron Bay and was impressed with his interview.We deserve better,stand up to these bullies

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