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Go here for all the background info on the seat of Cowper

The blog Poll Bludger has in depth info on every federal seat. History, geography, demographics, the candidates, current betting (Rob Oakeshott is currently a slim favourite with the bookies) and much more.

Go to this link to find out all the above and more https://www.pollbludger.net/fed2019/Cowper.htm

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  1. I am also backing Oakeshott to win Cowper. There is political myth that says that voting for an Independent is a waste of time because that person does not have access to the Treasury or the backing of a Party that is essential in framing and passing legislation for change. Worse still are political commentators who assert that “independents are a part of the problem” in our broken system because the government spends so much time and effort dealing with their crackpot ideas.
    If the first assertion, that electorates served by Independents are second class citizens when the goods are distributed were true, then they would simply not be reelected. Getting elected as an Independent is difficult in the first instance but, when they are successful, history proves that Independents are more likely to be reelected than is a party candidate. Many go on to long and distinguished careers.
    The clue to this outcome is a simple principle: in a competitive field competition is a very useful thing that tends to focus the desired outcome in a sharpish way.
    The second observation of long and distinguished careers points to the fallacy of the second distraction. Most successful Independents are not crackpots but hard-working and reasoned individuals who are keen to support stable government and advance sensible policy while sometimes curbing the excesses of Party machines that swing to the right and the left.

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