“Give us the promised tunnels’ – Coffs Harbour Council Set To Vote On Rejecting Bypass Design

Councillor Keith Rhoades has put forward the motion that is calling on Council to “on behalf of the Community, commence a campaign to the wider communities of New South Wales to inform them of the NSW Government plans for the preferred bypass of Coffs Harbour and the effects it will have on our community”.

In the motion it states that “the once beautiful backdrop of Coffs Harbour will be permanently scarred by the proposed cuttings and will result in an economic downturn to the Tourism Industry locally”.

“Council needs to harness the support of those in NSW who visit our City on a yearly basis for holidays and inform them of the devastation this proposed concept plan will have”, it says.

Councillor Rhoades is also asking that Coffs Harbour City Council allocate the necessary funds to achieve this campaign.

The General Manager, Mayor and all Councillors were contacted to ask if there will be a cap on funds and if so, what that would be.

An immediate response from the General Manager, Steve McGrath said, “these questions/issues no doubt will be considered by Council at the time of NoM18/22 being considered”.

If the motion is passed in it’s current state, the Coffs Harbour City Council would also be advising the NSW Government that “Council and our community will not accept the proposed cuttings and demand that the original Tunnels as proposed be reinstated”.

According to Coffs Harbour City Council, a Technical Staff Review providing feedback on the preferred bypass concept was recently submitted by Council to the RMS for their consideration.

The C0uncil meeting will take place from 5pm on Thursday 8 November.


See: https://www.triplem.com.au/news/coffs-coast/coffs-harbour-council-set-to-vote-on-rejecting-bypass-design/?station=coffs&fbclid=IwAR1rDdkDNNlsXbltDFSrbUs6LF7I6lgvR_mc9mRik_hD1FeI7EYoLDY1XNA

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