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Public meeting this Thursday 18 July to discuss proposed Cultural-Civic space

A public meeting has been called for Thursday night at the Coffs Harbour Showgrounds about the proposed Cultural & Civic Space.

Speaking on Triple M Coffs Coast, former Member for Coffs Harbour, Andrew Fraser, revealed on Friday that he would be calling a meeting regarding the proposed plans.

Andrew Fraser outside the propsed Gordon Street site – Photo Triple M, Coffs Coast.

Along with Mr Fraser, speakers will include local business man Steve Gooley, Peter Wardman and Councillor Keith Rhoades.

Mr Fraser told Triple M, the night will give the community an opportunity to have their say and voice their concern in a public forum.

“It’s important that the community come together as one united group to send a powerful message to our elected local councillors”, Mr Fraser said.

The meeting will start at 6pm on Thursday night at the Norm Jordan Pavilion at the Coffs Harbour Showgrounds.

First published at Triple M Coffs Coast on Monday 15 July 2019. See: https://www.triplem.com.au/story/coffs-harbour-andrew-fraser-calls-public-meeting-about-cultural-civic-space-142958


  1. FANTASTIC. Well done, Andrew Fraser. I hope and pray the people of Coffs Harbour will support this meeting to voice their concerns. Whilst I am delighted to read that you, Business man Steve Gooley, Peter Wardman and Councillor Rhoades will be addressing the meeting, the absence of the “female voice” is of concern to me. Since coming to Coffs Harbour 3 1/2 years ago, it has been my observation that the “voices” of the women of Coffs Harbour are frequently missing from these forums. I would have thought, given all the noise that is being made in the media about “equal opportunity for women”, at least one female voice should have been invited to address this important meeting. Janne C Lindrum

  2. Rob Trezise

    Memo to convenors : Please allow Dr. Lindrum to address the community meeting. She is very experienced in these matters and contributes so much in our community

  3. I have just listened to the 3.5 hour Council Meeting last Thursday July 11th. I URGE YOU ALL to listen too the Audio on the Council Website. It’s the end of the meeting from 03.10- 03.23 . TURN THE VOLUME UP as the microphone has recorded the TRUTH.!!! This is verbatim. General Manager Steve McGrath says to Mayor Knight…” Let him do the RECISSION Motion tonight…then HE can’t come back ” (referring to Cr Paul Amos) . Mayor Knight gives 5 min Break to Councillors. Near the end of the break…Mayor Knight says..” Jesus Christ”…then speaks to Deputy Mayor Tegan Swan & pleads..” PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT THE RECISSION MOTION….IT MAKES US LOOK LIKE CRIPPLES!!! Deputy Mayor Tegan Swan( who voted with CR’s Amos,Arkan & Rhoades against the motion) …replies to Mayor Knight adamantly…” I AM NOT GOING TOO!!!’…I SAID I WOULD’NT!!!!”…NO,NO,NO…IT’s WHAT MR SYMONS or SIMMONS ( not sure of correct name because of Audio.). The Microphone does not lie!!! I have posted this comment on Facebook sites this afternoon late too… 1.Coffs Coast Outlook.2 Coffs Coast Advocate .3 Triple M Coffs. 4. ABC Coffs Coast. Surprise, Surprise Facebook has frozen my Facebook tonight !!!!! Siting Security Reasons. The TRUTH NEEDS to be EXPOSED.!!!! PLEASE SHARE

    Editor: See our lead story today, 17-7-19, Max.

  4. Evidently; following last Thursday’s Council meeting, the following people were witnessed by members of the public outside Council Building standing together shaking hands in a congratulatory fashion:- the General Manager Steve McGrath, Councilor Michael Adendorff (Secretary & Public Officer) of The Chamber of Commerce AND reputedly owner of three commercial CBD properties and Martin Wells (President of The Chamber of Commerce) plus John Rafferty, CEO of Cex and one other.
    What does this say for probity ? And does it tell us something else ?

  5. Dear Max, I, too, listened to the meeting this evening.
    The behind-the-scenes dialogue is interesting indeed!
    Thank goodness for the recision motion as there are a lot of unanswered questions and I would have thought it impossible to act in the “best interests of the people” in the absence of relevant detail; e.g. disclosure of the valuations conducted by Savills on Council’s existing assets.
    I will be penning an email to the Councillors tomorrow. In that email I will thank Councillor Rhoades for raising my absence last Thursday. I did apply to speak. I received nil response from Council.
    Council allege I recorded an error on the application, stating my email address as [email protected] instead of [email protected]. Having spoken at length with my service provider today, I am satisfied that this was not an error on my part as my computer is programmed with a pop-up box which automatically records my correct email address. On lodging applications to Council requesting an opportunity to speak at next week’s meeting in favour of the recision motion and at the meeting on 8 August against the proposal to develop a Civic & Cultural Centre on Gordon Street, the automatic pop-up box appeared and automatically registered my correct email address. As the Mayor’s Executive assistant advised today, “it is a mystery”.
    The other point to make here is that Councillor Rhoades refers to my letter to the Councillors and Council Executive. That letter was dispatched from my email address – [email protected] – on 09 July. Two days prior to the meeting. No response was received.
    Kind regards,
    Janne C Lindrum

  6. Ron Bennett

    Yes Sleuth it definately tells us something. It’s for a very Small Minority who are all are going to PROFIT $$$ as it’s all about MONEY,POWER & EGO !!!. Let’s see it for what it is! Cr Aidenorff does own CBD Property so will receive financial gain. Cr Cercato ex President of Chamber of Commerce all about Money. Martin Wells owner of McGrath Real Estate..President of Chamber of Commerce….all about Money. Steve McGrath …another greedy GM looking for his own gain. Mayor Knight all about herself. I have just listened to the audio meeting and it’s time for her too STAND DOWN!!!

  7. I too have listened to the audio of the meeting.
    The mike is open and from the audio it seems to me that the GM is coaching the Mayor on tactics to be used against Cr.Amos to his detriment. The GM appears to me to have manipulated the meeting to suit the motion to approve the Council Chambers.
    There are other comments picked up on the open mike and these along with those of the Mayor and GM should be of serious concern to all ratepayers and the NSW Local Government Minister.
    I would suggest that laws have been broken and unless an investigation is undertaken, we can have no confidence that correct procedure has happened.
    I call on the public meeting on Thursday to write a motion followed by a petition to the Premier of NSW to hold an inquiry into the Coffs Harbour City Council with a view of appointing and Administrator should the rescission motion fail to over turn the last Council meeting decision to build Gordon St.at its next meeting.
    When the Mayor has two votes in a Council of 8 ( this is minus one vote due to the resignation of one Councillor earlier this year) there is no democracy but a gerrymander in favour of the Mayor.

    Editor’s note: Slight edit made for legal reasons.

  8. Fit for the Future??? Hardly, the comments and actions of the Mayor and the GM do not make us Fit for the Now. The ratepayers are paying for it in more ways than one.

    The Council was stacked with supporters in favour of the new building. It is time for as many people as is possible, say 2,000, attend the meeting at the showground on Thursday 6 p.m.. As a community we should make it known we are opposed to the reckless spending of our money. We must not condone the actions of the Mayor or the GM. They are there to represent us not for their purposes.

  9. Rick Clark

    The latest piece of genius about Council I have heard is that the City Square work has come to a grinding halt because they ran out of tiles.

    As in didn’t order enough of them! And the Friends of the Gallery wibbled on about Council’s project management skills? Oh puhleeeeze!

    They couldn’t organise a booze up in a brewery with an Amex card in their little hot hands.

  10. Janne C Lindrum…. Thankyou , Thankyou,Thankyou . I look forward in listening too you speak at the next meeting. You are very experienced,educated and Generous with your time. I feel will do Coffs Harbour Proud.
    This morning I was very Happy too Hear Ray Hadley deliver my message to Expose it at the right time….just before the Public Meeting tommorrow night. Facebook done me a favour…in taking me offline after posting the verbatim.

    I will not be Silenced in Exposing the Truth! Plan B has been more effective with Ray Hadley 2GB taking it on board.

    Kind Regards Max

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