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For some perverse reason the comments box did not attach itself to the original of story yesterday and for some unfathomable other reason this issue cannot be fixed.  I have received a couple of comments so far and they are published below.

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The Editor


From Cob – 26-4-2018

“The matter of the Central Business District” (CBD) Plan is on the Council agenda for the meeting on 26/4/2018.  The following comments refer to the material tabled for this item and the story published in Outlook titled ‘can the CHCC be trusted to honour its word’.

Council once more has overloaded the Councillors and others with mountains of material to read.  This is just another of their attempts to ‘drown’ people with ‘waffle’ in the hope most will fail to take any real notice of the issue.   I believe the following should be pointed out.

Attachment 1 is a record of the responses to a survey sent out.  301 people in the CBD received it and there is no issue with this.  It is after all their money they are putting in to have a say on how it is spent to enhance the CBD.  Of concern is the fact only 63 responses were received; of these only 11, repeat 11 owned property in the CDB.  This hardly seems like a proper basis on which to base any realistic findings; it is less than 4% of the CBD community.

Of more interest are some of the terse comments received.  For example on page 29 an unnamed person at 6.20 am on 3/4/2018 wrote –

“What an absurd survey.  I see no evidence of any of the topics being delivered in the City Centre.  I look forward to the spin on the results of this asinine (sic) survey”.

Let us hope they are pleased Council will do more to market the 2031 business plan.  Or will they think it is a “cop out”.

And on page 30 again an unnamed author on 3/14/2018 wrote;

You clowns can’t even provide basic services” …….and it went on.

Will Councillors get this far down into the waffle?  Or will they be swayed by Council’s view of how to do things?  It would be better for Council to present the views of the 11 with property in the CBD.   It is not possible to gauge, from what is put up, just what the CBD community think.   So how are Councillors going to make an informed decision? It is yet another attempt to baffle all with pages of reading in the hope Councillors will not address the real issue?

Many of the email comments are repeated under multiple headings. Is it just to make people read more or to confuse them?

So Can the Coffs Harbour City Council be trusted to ‘honour their word’?”

From Rikkidontlosethatnumber,  27-4-2018

“The Report by Centium as attachment 1 to the Recommendation to Council is a classic in delivering a ‘please fix this issue and don’t make us look like losers’ instruction from Council to me.  ‘Face-saving 101’ I think it is called 😉 “

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