Extraordinary Council Meeting called for Monday 27 September

Coffs Harbour City Council has called an urgent, Extraordinary Meeting for Monday September 27 to discuss the options for providing the service for our Red Bin Waste.

By The Editor

Unfortunately we cant tell you too much as the Business Papers show that most of the information is listed as Confidential Attachments and Reports due to it relating to litigation and matters pertaining to “legal professional privilege”.

What seems apparent from the agenda reproduced below however though, is that Council have three options as to how our Red Bin waste stream will be handled.

A reasonably educated guess however would be that all the signs are that this relates to Council’s ‘less than stellar success’ in the NSW Arbitration Tribunal in cases against Handybin, Biomass. And quite possibly also in regard to the Bellingen and Nambucca Shires too.

It’s also a ‘fair bet’ that this relates to the long period of ‘in confidence’ that occurred at last Thursday’s council meeting.

Is this what council’s legal ‘strategy’ in regards to waste looks like? Photo: Entrepreneur

Or as speculated elsewhere could it be that our tip is now at the stage where the tip full signs are about to go up at England Road, even if that is a temporary measure?

The meeting is scheduled for 9.00 am on the morning of Monday 27 September and given the confidentiality relating to it will undoubtedly be overwhelmingly held ‘in camera’,* or out of the public view.

The pdf agenda for Monday’s extraordinary meeting can be found here; https://infocouncil.coffsharbour.nsw.gov.au/Open/2021/09/CO_20210927_AGN_2259_AT_EXTRA.PDF


* “in camera (/ɪŋˈkæmrə, -mərə/; Latin: “in a chamber”)[1] is a legal term that means in private.[2] The same meaning is sometimes expressed in the English equivalent: in chambers. Generally, in-camera describes court cases, parts of it, or process where the public and press are not allowed to observe the procedure or process.[2] In-camera is the opposite of trial in open court where all parties and witnesses testify in a public courtroom, and attorneys publicly present their arguments to the trier of fact.” – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_camera

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  1. To add to the definition of “in camera” you’ve provided, Ed. Wikipedia.org also mentions that secretive proceedings are sometimes called “star chambers”, which are “synonymous with social and political oppression through the arbitrary use and abuse of the power”.

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