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The election to be held in May is an election about policy, stability and fairness. The era of political personalities and cuts, chaos and division must end. 

ALP candidate for Cowper Andrew Woodward

“Under the National Party, we have been taken for granted. We have been neglected. We have missed out. We have fallen behind. We have been let down. More of the same is not good enough. Enough is enough” said the ALP candidate for Cowper Andrew Woodward.

“This election is a chance for the people of Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Kempsey and the mid-north coast to usher in a positive, prosperous and sustainable future for this and future generations.

We’ll all be better off with a strong local advocate inside a Labor Government – working with the Labor team; being our champion; fixing our problems and making sure we get our fair share. We’re ready. I am ready” Mr Woodward said.

There are four key issues in Cowper this election:

  • addressing the crisis in youth unemployment and chronic general unemployment;
  • preserving, restoring and protecting our environment and acting on climate change; 
  • Increasing fairness and reducing inequality for all people locally;
  • restoring stability to government and introducing a new era of integrity by establishing Labor’s National Integrity Commission to address corruption.  

The individual candidates aren’t the issue. The policies are the issue. The National Party candidate is pushing the same old dud policies as Luke Hartsuyker that got us in the mess we are in.

Only Labor can deliver the policies we need and provide for stable government focused on people and not the top end of town.

People want an end to the chaos and personality politics. The instability brought about by the combination of the Liberal and National parties, the independents and the fringe parties can’t continue. 

Mr Woodward said “the National Party can’t deliver stability. Fringe parties can’t deliver stability. Independents can’t deliver stability. Independents and fringe parties simply can’t deliver what a member in the party of government can. Only Labor can deliver stability and action.

We’ll all be better off with a Labor voice inside a Labor Government.”

The above is an ALP Press Release – Thursday 11 April 2019.

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  1. Max Brinsmead

    Andrew Woodward, ALP candidate in the seat of Cowper comes across as something of a head kicker. And he is not too worried about whose head he is kicking. However, his attacks on Rob Oakeshott and threats to preference the Nationals over his principal rival, will only work to return this electorate to the Coalition.

    Please don’t vote for a pugilist. We’ve had enough of them in our parliaments before.

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