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Did the mayor not know the microphone was on?

“We’ll look like cripples” Is this is what the Mayor, Cr Knight says to Cr Tegan Swan in a whispered discussion at last Thursday 11 July’s council meeting?

The whispered discussion seems to take place after the tied vote on the proposed Gordon Street Cultural-Civic Centre and after a rescission motion appears to have been discussed.

Was Mayor Knight aware the microphone was on?

The conversation, which is possibly explosive when listened to in full can be found at approximately 3.09.20 on the recorded link of the Council meeting at the link below.

Turn the volume up, listen for about two minutes and make up your own mind about what it all may mean.

Go here to listen to the recording at the top of the page; http://mixlr.com/coffsharbourcitycouncil/showreel/

What do you think?

Ray Hadley has been all over this story this morning (17-7-2019) – have a listen.

There’s more here on Ray Hadley’s story including initial denials by the Mayor then an apology; https://www.2gb.com/secret-tape-catches-mayor-in-embarrassing-gaffe/


  1. Prarire Rose

    Yes, very fishy and deeply worrying to me that’s for sure. As it would be to the overwhelming majority of ratepayers too I suspect.

    Also not to mention the GM seems to be actively coaching the Mayor so as to influence the motion? Isn’t he supposed to be ‘neutral’? Yes, yes I know! 😉

    Methinks the relevant State authorities and Minister need to be notified about this ASAP.

  2. I agree with you. The whole affair is deeply disturbing. Critical that the people of Coffs Harbour
    come out in force tomorrow evening. Janne C Lindrum

  3. Ron Bennett

    I have listened to EVERY AUDIO MEETING on the Council Website.In every meeting the Microphone has recorded Mayor Knights whispers,Sarcasm, nastiness etc etc etc with the General Manager Steve McGrath. I have bionic hearing . The Mic speaks the Truth!!!

  4. Just showing their true colours. Time they both “left the building”!

  5. Time for a change in council I think. They should have handed the preschool back to the original traditional owners when that went to vote at a council meeting also. Lots of shady dealings in that council.

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