Dean Evers announces he is running for Mayor on September 4

Local homelessness activist and founder of ‘Hope for the Homeless’, Dean Evers, yesterday announced he plans to run for Mayor of Coffs Harbour in the local government elections to be held on Saturday 4 September this year.

Mr Evers said; “I am excited to announce that I am running for MAYOR of Coffs Harbour. I would like to thank everyone who has supported and encouraged me up to this point.

I am proud to have you on my team as you continue on this journey with me.This campaign is not about me. It is about the people that make up our great city.

I just want to provide a city where people can safely live, work, and play. I will work to restore your trust in government and work with you to move this city forward together.

Strong leadership without hidden agendas. Measured and considered actions not just words. Working together with you to grow our beautiful city.”

The following is the media release put out by Mr Evers yesterday;

4 thoughts on “Dean Evers announces he is running for Mayor on September 4

  1. Dean, my first question where do you stand on the CCS .
    Do you have the balls to kick this to the curb.

      1. But where do you stand personally? Providing a website is surely passing the buck. I want a prospective mayor to tell us specifically where you stand, for or against and why?

  2. On the face of it, Mr Evers as a mayoral candidate looks apposite, strong, competent, highly desirable and formidable.

    Unfortunately, the question has to be posed to you, Dean, as it would to all the candidates, as follows.

    Given council management was (and will continue) advising councillors that: An independent economic assessment identified a host of benefits to the CBD, including a variety of financial benefits over a 30 year period totalling $57 million. And given that the ICAC weighs “perception of conflict of interest” heavily. And given that a mayor oversees the general manager in day to day matters, how would you deal with the “non-pecuniary interest” declaration by Clr. Adendorff?

    I note particularly in relation to this that you wish to restore trust in government. The ICAC weighs perception of conflict of interest heavily because of this very same concern: public trust.

    Had you been mayor when these declarations were first submitted, what role do you feel you would have played and how would you have handled the situation?

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