Daily News Review – Tuesday 27 July

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Rob Harris looks at the issues Labor had in coming up with the taxation policy it will take to the election.
Josh Butler says Labor’s tax cuts ‘capitulation’ clears the decks for the next election.
And Michelle Grattan writes that, after making itself a mega target in 2019, Labor has confirmed it will be a small one in 2022 by promising an Albanese government would keep the 2024 income tax cuts and not disturb negative gearing and capital gains tax. She says this decision essentially completes the “de-Shortening” of Labor’s controversial policy pitch.
Jack Waterford asks, “Did we all over-estimate what Scott Morrison had to offer?” The prime minister is acquiring a reputation as a liar and a deceiver, and worse, his agenda is usually suspect, he says.
Katina Curtis and Shane Wright report that Michaelia Cash has promised Parliament will have a chance to debate a planned anti-corruption watchdog before the end of the year as the opposition seeks a second inquiry into the government’s commuter car park scheme. The government’s policy as it stands is a toothless offering.
Labor will try to prevent the rorting of grants funds by introducing a bill requiring ministers to explain, in real time, when they reject recommendations from their department, explains Paul Karp.
Peter Hartcher writes that America’s recent military history points to strategic shortcomings. He points out that the US has not won a major war since World War II.
Paul Sakkal outlines what the shape of Victoria’s lockdown easing might be.
Jenna Price is not happy that when Scott Morrison failed to shut down dissidents and extreme views from his own side, he reassured and gave succour to those who hold those views.
The Age’s editorial says that the lockdown protests were wrong-headed in the extreme.
Once more unto the breach of common sense and science, they come. The anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers. Blinded by ignorance and feverish self-righteousness, it’s a wonder they don’t march off the edge of the flat earth, laments Warwick McFadyen.
The NSW government is rethinking its vaccine strategy with a more targeted approach to younger at-risk communities in south-west Sydney. Really there’s not enough vaccine to plug all the gaps.
Alan Kohler asserts that the Delta strain means the exit plan has to mutate as well.
The Australian says that the NSW government is divided over how to tackle stubbornly high numbers of Covid-19 infections, with crisis talks canvassing the tightening of restrictions in some parts of Sydney and easing them in other locations.
Immunisation expert Peter McIntyre argues that now is the time for vaccine generosity, not ‘state of origin’ jingoism. He paints a picture where, with Delta’s much higher infectiousness, population vaccine coverage would likely need to reach an unachievable 97 per cent or greater to stop all infections in a way comparable to measles. But this is a down-the-track issue.
Sarah Martin reveals that one of the federal government’s key vaccine deals has been hit with major delays, with 51 million doses of Novavax originally due to arrive in the second half of this year now not expected until 2022.
Pharmacies believe they’re witnessing a turning point in community perceptions of AstraZeneca on their first day of delivering the vaccine in west and south-west Sydney.
Phil Coorey writes that the Morrison government is resisting demands to return to the JobKeeper wage subsidy but is examining enhancing the current system of business and income payments, including extending support to welfare recipients. But it won’t be in the form of JobKeeper.
“Why can’t ‘gold standard’ NSW get its cases down, despite weeks in lockdown?”, asks Josh Butler.
Media coverage has aligned itself with the Liberal Party’s response to the COVID pandemic, while rubbishing Labor’s, writes Dr Victoria Fielding.
Hell! Anyone who visited Campsie Centre shopping mall between Wednesday July 14 and Saturday July 24 is a close contact and must get tested immediately and isolate for 14 days. That’s an ELEVEN day transmission period!
David Penberthy opines that the decision of Marshall and his all-important health and police chiefs to place South Australia into its first lockdown of 2021 was less politically fraught than one might think. He says SA will regain its freedoms more quickly thanks to that rarest of things – a lockdown that not only worked but ended on time.
Anthony Galloway tells us that former special forces soldier Ben Roberts-Smith displayed a contentious Crusader’s cross on his uniform while on duty in Afghanistan, with the symbol later digitally removed by the Department of Defence in a widely distributed photo of the decorated war veteran.
Meanwhile, Michaela Whitbourn reports that an Afghan villager has told war veteran Ben Roberts-Smith’s defamation trial that he witnessed a “big soldier” kick a member of his family off a cliff before the man was shot dead and an object associated with the Taliban planted near his body.
Scott Morrison is seldom called exceptional. Yet the current PM will stand out in history in any number of ways; none of them attractive. All need not just analyse, but instill persistent, tough-minded challenging if we are to be left with any semblance of public integrity opines interfaith minister, Stephanie Dowrick.
Lucy Cormack reports that former sex discrimination commissioner Elizabeth Broderick will review NSW Parliament and its management of unacceptable behaviour such as bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct.
There has been a marked increase in workers – particularly young workers – taking a mental health day, with several drivers behind the trend, explains Sophie Aubrey.
Abul Rizvi writes about the citizenship hypocrisy of Dutton and Pezzullo.
Does this stink? Brian and Bobbie Houston, the husband and wife team who are co-global senior pastors at Hillsong Church, were given permission to leave Australia and take part in a service at the Hillsong Monterrey congregation in Mexico.
Disaffected hard-right libertarians are working to tap into anti-lockdown sentiment to take control of the Senate and challenge the Coalition, ramping up efforts to attract big political names to their cause. The vile Ross Cameron is in their sights.
According to Katina Curtis, federal ministers will be required to receive training on recognising and responding to sexual harassment and bullying before the end of the year and other politicians will be encouraged to take part, with their attendance recorded in a public register.
Mike Foley and Nick Toscano report that controversial changes to allow energy networks to charge solar panel owners for sending surplus power back to the grid have gained the backing of a key consumer group ahead of a final ruling within weeks. I reckon this would improve the payback calculation for home batteries.
Bianca Hall explains how a battery network will be established across inner Melbourne from next year in a pilot program designed to deliver more renewable energy to the grid and encourage the take-up of green power.
Callum Foote explains why Australians pay 7th highest prices in the world despite being its biggest gas exporter.
Two public health experts explain why it is hard to determine at what stage we could reach herd immunity.
More from The Conversation which explains how Australia’s fickleness on COVID vaccines is perpetuating global vaccine inequity.
The pandemic, and the changing face of shopping, has left Melbourne’s famous Bourke Street Mall facing “grim” times with rents tumbling and vacancies rising.
The pandemic has opened up a deep rift within UK Conservatives, and it will grow says Polly Toynbee.
A playboy, a femme fatale spy and a powerful Italian cardinal are preparing to stand trial in a Vatican corruption inquiry that has changed the way the Holy See conducts criminal justice.
Simply Energy earns nomination today for “Arseholes of the Week”.

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