Cr Townley calls for an extraordinary CHCC meeting over CCS ‘hauling ASS’ cost ‘blow out’

Cr Sally Townley called for an Extraordinary Meeting during and after last night’s council meeting to discuss why the decision was made to send acid sulphate soil (ASS) from the CCS project to QLD.

It’s estimated cost is $1.51 million.

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Listen below to a segment from Moffee’s TripleM breakfast show this morning to what she had to say in the meeting.

Listen here:

The T2S fund and it’s use for the CCS

There also seems to be some concerns from some Councillors about where the money is coming from for ‘the contingency fund’ the GM and Senior Management refer to in regards to the CCS.

It seems clear the Transferring to Sustainability (T2S) fund has been targeted for use as a contingency fund for the CCS but there are questions as to whether it is being used as originally intended and as to whether it should be continued to be used for the CCS.

Cr Paul Amos moved an amendment to a motion last night to ensure monies would not come from the T2S fund for the ASS haulage and other associated un-budgeted CCS over-runs.

The screen shot below shows when the T2S fund was announced in 2016 how and where it was to operate.

At the very end of the audio grab below is what the GM said last night in response to a question about the T2S fund – in this case as it was being used for funding of the city pound.

In the same meeting the GM was asked further questions about T2S and its use as a CCS ‘contingency fund’. Again, to more than a few listeners, his answer seemed to be at odds wth the details of the T2S 2016 announcement reproduced from a CHCC website screenshot above.

Here is a story we published on 8 April 2021 by Rodger Pryce on the use of the T2S fund;

One thought on “Cr Townley calls for an extraordinary CHCC meeting over CCS ‘hauling ASS’ cost ‘blow out’

  1. Explains why there are no footpaths where there should be, Prince st, Argyll st, and numerous others.
    Why there are trees that’s flower kills bee’s growing all around Coffs especially CBD. Thank goodness someone in there opposed the next attempt at mismanagement of funds.

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