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Cr Michael Adendorff On Why He Should Be Able To Vote On Cultural Centre and New Council Chambers

Cr Michael Adendorff explains to Moffee on Triple M this morning why he should be able to vote on the Cultural & Civic Space Project. Hear what he had to say with Moffee this morning.

Councillor Adendorff

Cr Adendorff claims he “has no major pecuniary interest.”

Listen at : https://www.triplem.com.au/coffs


  1. WOWSERS…..! Unbelievable – shocking. He must be dismissed from the Chamber and if heโ€™s not, there should be an uproar. Who the hell does he think he is..! This is not tribal South Africa..! Now understood to have 4 CBD properties. He really must have the hots for Coffs Harbour.
    Show him the door please.

  2. So he looked in the mirror this morning and consulted his PR guru then did he?

    What a train wreck of an interview. Monty Python couldn’t top that one!

    If this is the ‘strategic level’ of the pro-Gordon Street mob then all I can say is good luck to them. That sort of ‘sophistication’ might win the battle tonight but it sure as heck ain’t going to win the war!

  3. John Christie

    Just listened to Adendorf’s Triple M interview which could have been very amusing, if it were not true! What a pathetic lot of dribble! How does Coffs Harbour have this type of person as a councillor and what motivates the Adendorfs of the world (yes, there’s plenty of them still in South Africa) to want to be councillors?
    If Adendorf really cares about Coffs Harbour, then he should not vote tonight and resign thus doing something good. If not then he should be investigated by OLG.

  4. Councillor Adendorff needs to resign his Office. He has breached his Statutory Obligation; to act in the best interests of the people; by (a) stating his assets in the CBD to be minor rather than “significant” and not erring on the side of caution; and (b) by admitting to holding discussions with a potential developer on the sale of a publicly-owned asset; RIGBY HOUSE. That is totally inappropriate conduct. Councillor Adendorff has, in my opinion, forfeited his right to sit in the Chamber and represent the people and the remaining councillors should call for his resignation. They should also ask whether the General Manager has referred the matter to ICAC in accord with his responsibility to do so under Section 11. The General Manager should also be asked why a Motion to vote on such a critical issue; GORDON STREET; was defective. Motions of this nature MUST incorporate and disclose full financial data, including quantum, term, interest rate, maintenance costs etc. The problem the General Manager has here is that the building is UN-COSTED, hence a defective and invalid Motion.
    Janne C Lindrum

  5. Councillor Adendorff on Moffee.
    Councillor Adendorff has a STATUTORY OBLIGATION to act in the “best interests of the people”.
    That obligation requires him to make disclosure of pecuniary interests and to “err on the side of caution”.
    Failure to disclose the names of those who provided him with advice; one of whom is within Council; and one he claims has years and years of experience; speaks for itself. The fact that he held discussions with a potential purchaser of a publicly-owned asset Rigby House needs to be reported under Section 11 ICAC. Janne C Lindrum

  6. Cr Michael Aidenorff…. You chose too Build your own residence on top of Beacon Hill opposite The lookout ( like King of the Castle) with Spectacular 360 degree views on the highest point. If your 2 storey Home was built in Gordon St …. it just would not have the WOW FACTOR.

    This is why we want our Cultural Entertainment Centre built on City Hill….so we like you ….we can all enjoy a HILL TOP LOCATION!!!!

    We are OFFENDED by you CR Adenorff…..Shame on You …for not listening too the Majority who voted you in to serve them.

    You keep reminding us you are a Lawyer….well lawyers have the same bodily functions as all of us.

    If your heart is in the right place for this Coffs Coast ….then take some of the homeless off the Streets as your Castle would have plenty of room with views up on Beacon Hill.

    Oh you said 20 of us Naysayers and City Hill Fans ….YOU ARE NOT IN THE REAL WORLD…..how Arrogant you are Lawyer Cr Michael Aidenorff…..the figure is more like many thousands!!!!!

    Regards Max

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