Cr Michael Adendorff Asks Speakers Against Airport: “Is Part of Your Community The One Who Made The Bomb Threat Tonight?”

The following is a TripleM Coffs Coast report on last night’s extraordinary council meeting wherein Cr Adendorff is alleged to have asked the question in the headline of a speaker in support of the airport lease rescission motion.

Cr Adendorff

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21 thoughts on “Cr Michael Adendorff Asks Speakers Against Airport: “Is Part of Your Community The One Who Made The Bomb Threat Tonight?”

  1. Moffee called Adendorff a fool. Moffee was wrong. Adendorff would have to be a great deal more intelligent than he appears to be, in order to ever reach this lofty classification.

    1. Well said Julian

      The mind boggles, eh?

      One suspects it can only be harming his legal practice the things he comes out with …..

  2. Here, here. Don’t hold back Moffee tell us what you really think! 😉

    I think we need to start calling Mr 65 Primary Votes Cr Dunning ‘Landslide’ too from now on.

    I personally can’t wait to see the back of him. He is a self-entitled, arrogant and ignorant bore with absolutely no mandate whatsoever in my opinion.

    One wonders whether they were handing law degrees out of corn flake packets the day he graduated at Witswatersrand or wherever in S.A. it was?

    1. Back in my day, the South African government, churned out hundreds of engineering degrees to Afrikaans speaking whites. Today’s SA government is doing the same except that it’s for Black South Africans. Out of curiosity, where does the term Cr Dunning ‘Landside’ come from?

      Editor: I presume ‘Landslide’ refers tongue in cheek to the 65 primary votes and the term Cr Dunning comes from a comment by 40cm Pedestal fan a few months back when he wittily referred to two current Councillors as “Crs Dunning and Kruger”. Check this out;

  3. I’m pleased this has been raised. At the previous council meeting Adendorff exhibited anger at fair and normal discussion on a critical matter – the most critical of our lifetime. My response and opinion was then this man is unfit to serve, unfit to represent the community.

    For a while now I’ve been trying to cast my mind back over his ‘community involvement’. I’ve asked:
    Has he coached a local sports team? Maybe a kids’ sporting team? Has he put in time contributing to a community event? Has he donated skills or experience to some charity, to help a community cause? Has he cooked sausages somewhere, as families and kids gather, amongst other community helpers?

    On and on I’ve asked myself. Anything? Anything? Has anyone seen him doing anything for the community prior to election? Please, say so.

    He’s now a councillor. Came from the blue, as far as I can tell. 65 primary votes, I hear. 65. That’s about as many developers you can hold in your hand, and their families. It’s an anomaly of our voting system. In the USA, just last month, another dog was elected Governor, or Mayor, or some such. It’s that sort of elective anomaly here, but we get people.

    I wonder at this bloke. I wonder hard.

    What the hell is he doing there, in Council?

    I wonder, too, at the way our council has degenerated since the time of his arrival. Is it coincidence? I wonder at his expertise, his capacity to inform a mayor, for instance, that it’s perfectly legal to act a certain way, towards his intention. I wonder at his purpose, his influence behind the scenes. I wonder at how our council has become so brazen. I wonder at how our council has grown dark, how the community has been so divided. I wonder at secrecy. I wonder at intent.

    And then this, last evening.

    Adendorff’s cool, calm, sveltey voiced, viciousness – that’s how I heard it: viciousness – at a speaker, a woman, courageous and speaking truth to power, tells me absolutely:

    This man must be dealt with electorally or via other legal means.

    I cannot see how his approach is representative as we expect from our elected officials. I feel proven in this regard as he has tried hard to present his insular, isolated, unreflective, needlepoint “develop, develop, develop” view as, in his words, “developers are community too”. Not once to my knowledge has he spoken on behalf of the community, in any other terms, and not once has he talked about, in council discussion, how he’s spoken to the community, heard people from the community, been amongst the community – nothing. Others do, every time.

    Not this bloke.

    Why are you there, Michael Adendorff? What are you doing there?

    Let me give my considered opinion again. This man does not represent community. He has shown himself unfit to serve in my opinion.

    And as a result, in my opinion again, he has to go.

    1. Thank you Mr/Ms 40cm. 🙂
      I had a msg from a Councillor that said sorry I had that from Cr Adendorff, and that I was gracious….

      All that goes through my mind immediately he opens his mouth at ANY and EVERY time is that he makes such a goose of himself I feel embarrassed for him.

      Comprehension skills seem to be at the core of some of the drivel, maybe it’s he, and not a fellow frequent public forum speaker, (who he insulted), that needs to spend more time in the library.

      A library that can easily, and for a zero outlay, be doubled in size in no time at all….using the $500k State Library grant and moving the gallery upstairs in Rigby House so the library can have the whole bottom floor.

      Take the floor of council staff and temporarily house them in some cheap long vacant office space in our poor CBD.

      Only have to move desks, chairs, phones and computers … “job’s good”.

      IE …by end of current financial year, for very little set up outlay, (and ongoing rent until another storey can be built on existing CHCC building), we could have the upgraded, doubled in size, or more (gallery would get to be about 2.25x), regional cultural facilities in place.

      No debt. No waiting years. Build a multi storey carpark in front of Rigby House with an entrance in Coff St and exit in Duke St…. Bob’s your uncle. More parking for the pool, AFL and cricket too…. Win/win all round

      1. We must share identity uncertainties, Gai. I’m at a loss as to how a sweet, gentlewoman can be such a force of nature!

        You stood in chambers, picked those up those four councillors and sat them down again fair and square on their …responsibilities. They didn’t like it, at all. Boy oh boy they didn’t like it. But I could feel them silently acknowledging its truth. It got ’em. It was powerhouse. You are widely admired for what you’ve done (and do).

        I hope young women see inspiration in you, from that evening. I hope they see that truth and power, through gentleness and decency, causes anything t’other to implode!

        Governments from top to bottom, far and wide, are pressing for women to represent communities and while it’s early days, and embarrassingly long overdue in their attempt, we have had in our community, and our history of local government, no stronger occasion from which to learn. And change direction.

        Along with your speech, you have also set a benchmark that I will very long remember. Actually – it’s unforgettable.

        Is it too out of date to say You Go Girl!

  4. It is tragic that one of our citizens has risked becoming a felon with that bomb-scare. It is deeply concerning. What drives someone to that point of despair? The current rule by oligarchs must be brought to an end! The Minister for LG stated that we must fix it at the poling booth – but has twice denied us access to do so. We can’t wait another nine months, we need an election and we need it NOW! The safety of our LGA Covid 19 record suggests that it is time!

  5. All Cr Dunning has achieved in my view is to draw attention to the level of intelligence of those making these humongous decisions on behalf of the Coffs’ community.

    Is it too late to cancel his visa and deport him back to Sath Efrica?

  6. This guy is a loose cannon ,he reminds me of his countryman Pik Botha ,but he doesn’t have diplomatic immunity

  7. Please, let’s try and show a little decorum when it comes to Cr ‘Dunning’. He’s still in the process of cutting his teeth and struggling to find acceptance in a liberal society and among the observing Coffs Harbour people in my opinion.

    As for his attitude of superiority, it has to be remembered he was probably reared and brought up under the apartheid system where subordination was indoctrinated into him from Day One. Disrespectful attitudes to his ‘lessors’ would quite possibly have been drummed into him from the time of being dressed and having his nose wiped by some poor black servant. Unfortunately this truculent disposition spills over during times when it’s difficult for him to grasp both sides of an argument when he prefers stymying verbiage in order to demonstrate his clear allegiance to the Mayor. A bad misjudgment in my view.

    Gaining only three score and five votes at the last election, it’s highly unlikely Cr Dunning will obtain such high numbers again should he decide to re-run. In fact, as far as Mayor Knight and her boss is concerned, Dunning’s job in the chamber is now done. He therefore may as well spend more time at home sipping his fine wines.

  8. What does it say about Denise Knight, that she actually chose this individual to run on her ticket? She was obviously aware of his predilection for verbal abuse towards women, of his potential for ignoring his own conflict of interest when voting, of his inability to exercise control over his behaviour, of his lack of observance of the principle of government “for the people”. Perhaps, in Adendorff, we have absolute proof of the nature of Denise Knight, since similar fish swim together?

  9. Thank you all. Exactly what I feel about this disrespectful little “man”,
    To disregard the opinions of so many who are concerned about, can I say foreseeable, economic disaster that Coffs Harbour could be in for and ignore and degrade us is unforgivable. SHAME ON YOU.

    1. No doubt, a rhetorical question Rodger. As you know, Denise would be lost without him. The best she could manage by way of discipline was a mild rebuke. Speaks loads about Denise in my opinion.

  10. I totally agree with all the above comments. Adenorff is in my honest opinion a fool who should return to his country of origin. Apart from the mayor no-one wants or needs him here! The man is the most arrogant, self centered fool I personally have ever encountered.

  11. Michael Adendorff, we all know you are fiercely parsing this citizens’ public account.

    If you are a man, of any decency, it is time to acknowledge that your approach, what you represent, is not suitable for our community. It does not fit it in. And it won’t fit in. Continuing on will only make matters worse for us, and for you in my opinion.

    You would acknowledge this, if so. And most of all, you would acknowledge the harm that you have done. You would make a personal apology. And you would resign.

    Do that, and you will have redeemed some community respect. I assure you, you will have mine.

    Time to acknowledge and time to act.

      1. I know, Julian. But he’s reading it, and he should read this:

        If Adendorff did what he did in State or Federal Parliament, if he verbally assaulted a female member of the public who was speaking within her rights in a sanctioned government circumstance, he would have had every powerful media onto him. His weekend would have been holed up. Still not saying a word, he would have media camped outside his private residence at the latest, this morning, Monday. He would be receiving advice from experienced, longterm politicians to go gracefully. The pressure he would be under, with every female politician speaking against him, every human rights activist, every woman’s protective authority, women who have suffered being interviewed -the lot, would be unbearable. He would be very, very smart to have taken that advice.

        Same act, different location.

        Regional media is beneficent. Said it before.

        Where Adendorff and those talking to him would also be getting it wrong, is that people do not forget.

        Lawyers love the term “make it go away” when offering a solution to a client suffering a big, big problem. Well, Michael Adendorff, there’s only one way you can make this go away. Because if you stay on, your big, big problem is not going away. You’ll just be done more slowly.

        Yesterday I noticed there’s an award announced for “inspirational women”. A sponsor is the Coffs Harbour City Council. (Sickening.)

        Given that to add to the mix, Adendorff’s life right now would, in State or Federal arenas, be a living hell.

        Yet, the thing is, a decent person wouldn’t need any of that. An apology and resignation would have been done on Friday.

        What possible world does he want to create for himself, through to September, in Coffs Harbour? Hated as he walks down the street?

        This council thinks that “Public Relations” is about sending out glossy missives and running populist lines. It has failed on every occasion to meet a problem head on, or head it off before it gets worse. It is not proactive. It creates almost unbelievable problems for itself in doing so. It should look at the phrase: relating to the public.

        Well, Adendorff has just given Council a very, very big problem.

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