Cr Amos ‘told back in 2018 tip had four years left’

Paul Amos was told in a Coffs Harbour City Council Meeting in 2018 that the tip had a lifespan of 4 years left then.

Listen to this report this morning by Moffee on TripleM Coffs Coast about this issue. The question to the 8 February 2018 meeting from Cr Amos along with staff answer then can also be seen on the above picture.

Click here to listen;


3 thoughts on “Cr Amos ‘told back in 2018 tip had four years left’

  1. It is beyond belief that we are up to our armpits in our own garbage, yet our Council is hell-bent on building a glass monument to rehouse our elite executive public servants! As Director of sustainability Mick Raby, how can you justify that! This problem was accurately identified four years ago – but ignored. Thank you Paul Amos for maintaining sanity and a sense of what is important.

  2. Council have known about this for a lot longer than 4 years – below is a Coffs Advocate story from 2011 and an extract from a waste tender in 2003, guess what?, they have done nothing – incompetence from Coffs Council management is astounding – how are they not accountable?

    Waste Tender Extract dated 3.11.03 – From 2020, the landfill will be closed.

    Seven years to find new waste site
    COFFS Harbour City Council is trying to find a new site for another waste management facility.

    By Brad Greenshields
    less than 2 min read
    November 12, 2011 – 3:00AM

    The Coffs Harbour landfill site will be at capacity in seven years.
    COFFS Harbour City Council is trying to find a new site for another waste management facility.

    The current facility on Englands Rd has a shelf life of another seven years.

    Council’s manager of Health, Craig Foley, said a wide range of alternatives would be discussed over the next 12 months prior to making a final decision.

    “At the moment everything is on the table,” Mr Foley said.

    Mr Foley added alternatives, including discussions with regional partners at Nambucca and Bellingen shires, whose landfills “have a reasonable amount of life left”, will also be looked at.

    Although the expiry date of the Englands Rd site was seven years away, Mr Foley said the length of time required to establish a new landfill meant action on the issue needed to start now.

    “It’s not desperately urgent but it’s time we looked at it now,” he said.

    “If we want to establish a new landfill it’s actually a tight time frame even though it won’t be needed for another seven years on current fill rates.

    “First we need to identify land that is a suitable site, then studies are needed, approval required followed by setting up.”

    Knowing that the Englands Rd site was in need of replacement in the future, Coffs Harbour City Council purchased a site off Bucca Rd in Nana Glen long ago.

    A study undertaken six years ago ruled that this site was no longer appropriate for use as a waste management facility.

    In response to the study, the council sold the proposed site as a sub-divided property rather than as a single lot.

    1. How very interesting. So almost ten years ago the current GM was presumably told that work on getting a replacement in place was needed then?

      And since then nothing of any note appears to have been done? And now the proverbial chickens are coming home to roost?

      It’s not a pretty story if the answers to the three questions above are yes is it?

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