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Councillors Amos, Arkan, Rhodes, Swan and Townley to be available to meet ratepayers next Monday

The following is from Councillor Tegan Swan’s own Facebook page. Published yesterday Wednesday 17 July.

Tegan Swan

“Hey Coffs Coast Crew,

Keith, Paul, Sally, John and I have agreed we’re all going to sit at Coffs Central Shopping Centre on Monday for anyone who wants to come and have a chat about the proposed Coffs Harbour City Council Cultural and Civic Space in the Heart of the City.

We’ll be sitting upstairs, I’ll take a photo of where we are on Monday so you can easily find us.

Come and say Hi and tell us what you’re thinking for the future of our city. We want to hear 👂

EDITED TO ADD: regardless of your opinion please share it respectfully, we’re all doing our best 🙏”

Editors note: Full marks to all four Councillors for doing this. It is an initiative that deserves both praise and respect too. Especially Cr Sally Townley who voted for the development on 11 July.

Cr Sally Townley


  1. Gabrielle Brabander

    Well done to Crs. Amos, Arkan, Rhodes, Swan and Townley. This is a positive and fantastic step forward in community engagement and dialogue. l hope lots of people show up and discuss their thoughts. These councillors are currently under enormous pressure, and have chosen to make themselves available. l hope they are afforded the respect and interaction they deserve regardless where we stand on this important and emotive issue.

  2. Ron Bennett

    Cr Sally Townsend you are the Key to the next Council Meeting for this RECISSION motion being passed. . Having listened to all audio council meetings …it has always been YOU…that has been like a small terrier nipping at Council heals. Debating, enquiring, asking question after question after question …with Microphone always Picking Mayor Knights whispers ,sarcasim ,rude comments about you…to CEO Steve McGrath. You have recently run as an independent and got good results being it your first time. So PLEASE LISTEN TO THE MAJORITY OF THE ELECTORATE.who are against this proceeding as it stands.

    Regards Ron.

    PS…Depty Mayor Tegan Swan..You CHOSE to run for Council and put your hand up for Depty Mayor. I have now seen 3 of your Facebook comments complaining and whinging that you only receive $19,000 and worked it out to be $6.00 an hr for what you do. $19,000 is a lot of money to the 25% youth unemployment ,welfare recipients, pensioners, homeless etc etc on the Coffs Coast!!! It was your CHOICE to run for council Depty Mayor…the residents ratepayers did not make you do this. You nominated yourself & should of known what it involved regarding time & payment .

    If you are truly hear for your Community ….money should not be continually discussed…as in your comment you said it’s Pittance for what councillors too.

  3. It is critical that we, WE, being the people of Coffs Harbour, find a way to be UNITED. Big decisions are never easy, more especially the big decisions we make in the name of DAME FUTURE. So, what came out of the meeting tonight for Jan Lindrum. First and foremost, the LOVELY HEART OF THE PEOPLE. Bricks and mortar do not create a heart. The heart of a City is in its’ people and that’s worth far more than any development. Secondly, promises are made NOT TO BE BROKEN. On 01 July 1988, the Council of the day pledged/promised to develop City Hill for the people of this City in exchange for paying what was a peppercorn amount ($200,000-00) for 11 hectares of prime land on a pristine golf course; a golf course considered to be one of the best regional golf courses in the whole state. That promise needs to be kept and should be at the forefront of the cerebral cortex. Any other considerations come AFTER meeting that promise and NOT before it; save, perhaps, for justification of the consolidation of the Council Chambers. Consolidation of Council Chambers can be justified by redevelopment of the existing Chambers on the Corner of Coff & Castle Streets as it provides a gateway into the CBD. What was EXPOSED during the course of this meeting? Well, a few things. (a) The people need access to the Quantity Surveyor’s costings on the schematic design so that they can come to an understanding as to how expenditure of $2 million dollars of rate payer money was expended and how that expenditure was justified; (b) The people need access to the Valuation of existing assets by Savills; (c) The people need access to how Savills were briefed to provide these valuations. In the absence of ALL INFORMATION it is impossible to make informed judgments. Prominent Businessman Steve Gooley spoke about “holding architects to account”. I agree, that is important. However, if we had put a nuzzle on Utzon, we wouldn’t have the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Opera House not only put Sydney on the International map, created employment for decades and has more than paid for itself. Yes, it was funded by an OPERA HOUSE LOTTERY. My view, lotteries are only justifiable if they fund big infrastructure projects. Gambling, as such, is a zero-sum game. But ICONIC gateways work. There is overwhelming evidence to support that reality. Yet another thing learned from tonight’s meeting The people want a small library in the CBD. Why not construct a small library overlooking the pool, e.g. Milson’s Point? Where those who want to take a book and read in the sun and overlook the pool and gardens can do so. But, if we are talking about a 100-year vision, we are speaking about a STATE-OF-THE-ART Library inside the University as learning is a life’s journey and that message needs to be (a) taught to the very young if we want to lift the intellectual bar; and (b) appeal to the teenagers of today who, largely (in their greater numbers), use SCREEN not PAGE. I might not be happy about that, but – that’s progress!

    Of greatest concern to me, the “mention” of an INDUSTRIAL PARK at the Airport.

    Exactly, what is the intention?

    An Industrial Park at the airport would not be compatible (in my view) with the establishment of a Centre of Excellence on City Hill. B-Doubles, B-Triples down Hogbin Drive?

    What exactly is the intention?

    There needs to be disclosure and I feel a lot of information may be being held from the people. That’s not right. Informed decisions can only be made if ALL information is on the table.

    These are my reasons as to why to recision motion should be supported. Sometimes you have to take a breath. put the handbrake on. Reflect on the situation. Masterplanning the whole City is in the best interests of the people and that includes Masterplanning those components of the City that sit beyond the foreshore; i.e. incorporating Solitary Islands; as well as taking into account Indigenous wishes. I know from my own discussions with local Indigenous people that they would LOVE to see a development like Tjapukai Cultural Park in Cairns in Coffs Harbour. There is no reason why components of a Tjapukai could not be included in the vision for City Hill, provided, however, there is clarification on the airport. How can anyone get the City right if there are those in the “know” and those “from whom knowledge is withheld”? Janne C Lindrum

  4. PS: I think Andrew Fraser needs to be congratulated for organising a Public Meeting. The meeting was very well run.

  5. Councillor Obligations under Code of Conduct, State of NSW 2013, especially paragraphs 2 and 3, require close analysis. Janne C Lindrum

  6. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!! Fantastic turnout at last night’s Public meeting!! Especially too all the Mature People who” braved”… the chilly night at short notice.
    Did not see ” KNIGHT MAYOR ” s crew ….BE BRAVE group…that applauded the Chamber July 11th….. when .Mayor Denise Knight had to stand up (due to a well timed cramp in her foot)…. Too deliver her Casting Vote!!
    In her own words in an Interview with Moffee Triple M …she received a standing Ovation. ..and the #bebrave group cheered & Applauded.

    Just been reading all the comments across the Facebook sites. This is from Jenny Cooper’s comment on ABC Coffs Facebook Page. ” WE ARE NOT IMPRESSED BY KNIGHTS ….” SNEERING BACKROOM COMMENTS !!!”
    Loved 2 Pics . ” IT,s. A KNIGHT MAYOR “…that Rob Trezise took . Gabrielle posted another one.. CITY HILL…NOT CBD….BUILD THE BEST CULTRAL CENTRE.

    Love your work and comments Janne C Lindrum. Personally …I think They are frightened of you at Council as you are EDUCATED, ARTICULATED & EXPERIENCED generous Lady.Perhaps that was why your email did not arrive for invitation too speak at July 11ths Meeting. ( 5 mins is not enough time anyway)

    Love your work Coffs Coast Outlook 🙂

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