Council to consider CCCC, Airport tenders and Two Tails winery DA this Thursday

This Thursday’s fortnightly Coffs Harbour City Council appears to have another busy agenda of items to consider at their fortnightly meeting.

Among items that stand out are consideration of tenders for the proposed new Cultural Centre and Civic Chambers (CCCC) in Gordon Street, expediting a tender for the Airport Enterprise Park construction works and consideration, once again, of the Two Tails Winery DA.

An artist’s impression of the Coffs Harbour Airport Enterprise Park.

The CCCC tender

The following is the gaenda item, in part, for the CCCC;

“This contract is for a builder to participate in Design Development from 30% to 80% documentation and, potentially, to undertake construction under a future Design and Construction contract.

The Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) services include, but are not limited to:

–     working collaboratively with the Principal’s designer and other consultants to develop the design and detailed Design Documents

–     to fully interrogate the design for buildability, inconsistency, incompleteness or other issues

–     assessment and review of Site documentation, reports and Authority approvals

–     ensuring the Construction Works are sufficiently designed and documented to enable the Principal to obtain fixed lump sum pricing for design completion and construction

–     identifying the trade packages

–     investigating and reporting on value management options, including working collaboratively with the Principal’s Cost Manager as to progressively cost value management items

–     to develop a Scope of Works for the Construction Phase so as to encompass all of the relevant requirements for the work including access, approvals and submitting working drafts on a monthly basis for comment by the Principal.

Invitations for Tender were called for a Lump Sum contract. Tenders closed at 10am on Wednesday 19 February 2020 with a 90-day valid period ending 19 May 2020.

Submissions were received from two organisations, which were:

1.    Lipman Pty Ltd

2.    Watpac Construction Pty Limited.”


“1.    That the Cultural and Civic Space Project can’t be progressed in accordance with Council’s resolved method of procurement (Resolution 2019/114) without the ECI services.

2.    That this is one of five major contracts required to progress and complete the project.  The contract for construction is anticipated to be considered by Council later in 2020 and the other three contracts were approved at Council’s meeting of 13 February 2020 (Resolutions 2020/13, 2020/14 and 2020/15).  These three contracts are, respectively:

a.    Project Management services

b.    Head Design Consultant services (i.e. architect and design team sub-contractors)

c.    Cost Management services

Recommended options:

1.    Adopt the recommendation. This would allow the project to progress in accordance with Council’s resolutions.

2.    Reject the recommendation and re-direct the Cultural and Civic Space Project.”

Airport Enterprise Park

“Council is in the process of constructing the Airport Enterprise Park and has been using the services of de Groot Benson Engineers Pty Ltd (dGB) for relating to the subdivision development application and detailed design of Portion 1 (up to Construction Certificate 3 – Portions Map Attachment 2). 

As a result of a significantly reduced project timeframe required to comply with a Commonwealth Grant Funding Deed, a resolution is being recommended to enter into direct negotiations, under S55(3)(i) of the Local Government Act, with de Groot Benson to procure detailed design services for Portion 2 of the Airport Enterprise Park project.”

Recommendation: That Council:

“1.       With reference to section 55(3)(i) of the Local Government Act, resolves because of extenuating circumstances (accelerated project timeframes) and unavailability of competitive tenderers (current contractor has an advanced knowledge of future stages and design requirements), that a satisfactory result would not be achieved by inviting tenders for Detailed Design of Portion 2 (Construction Certificates 4, 5 and 6) of the Airport Enterprise Park.

2.       Delegates the General Manager to execute a contract with de Groot Benson Engineers Pty Ltd (ABN 50 772 141 249) for detailed design of Portion 2 of the Airport Enterprise Park to a value no greater than $542,273.00 (excluding GST).

3.       Note the indicative costs as detailed in the confidential attachment.”

Two Tails Winery

“This report provides an assessment of Development Application No. 0160/19 for a Restaurant (expansion of dining areas) at Lot 9 DP 134701 and Lot 10 DP 134701, 963 Orara Way, Nana Glen.

At its meeting of 21 September 2019, Council resolved the following:

That Council bring Development Application 0160/19 DA relating to Two Tails Winery at Nana Glen to full council for determination upon completion of assessment.

The development application was subsequently considered by Council at its meeting of 27 February 2020, where it resolved the following:

That Council defer consideration of Development Application 0160/19 pending a further report that will propose draft consent conditions to be considered as part of a further determination.

Accordingly, possible conditions of consent have now been prepared (Attachment 4).

* A 52 point list of conditions outlined as Attachment 4 in relation to this item – can be found under Development Application No. 0160/19 at;

The development application is reported to Council for determination.

Two Tails winery and restaurant – Nana Glen


That Council:

1.   Refuse Development Application No. 0160/19 for a Restaurant (expansion of dining areas) at Lot 9 DP 134701 and Lot 10 DP 134701, 963 Orara Way, Nana Glen on the following grounds:
1.1. On consideration of the likely impacts of the development (as required by S4.15 of the Environmental Panning and Assessment Act) the development is likely to result in unacceptable noise impacts in the locality.
1.2. With regard to the objectives of the RU2 Rural Landscape zone (as required by Clause 2.3 of Coffs Harbour Local Environmental Plan 2013) the development as proposed is not compatible with residential uses in the locality.
1.3. It is not in the public interest having regard to matters raised in public submissions.
2.   Advise persons who made a submission on Development Application No. 0160/19 of Council’s decision.

The Council meeting starts at 5.00 p.m. this Thursday 12 March in the Castle Street Council Chambers.

*Added and emphsised by CCO.

5 thoughts on “Council to consider CCCC, Airport tenders and Two Tails winery DA this Thursday

  1. So have I got this right?

    (1) There is a motion to approve builders for a building that is yet to have been approved a DA and on whch Council have not responded to all objectors yet as is required?

    What are ratepayers liable for if the DA does not get approved one wonders?

    (2) Council are not going to tender Part 2 of the Airport Enterprise Park because they couldn’t get their act together on a Government grant deadline? And the GM wants to be allowed to have authority over $542,273.00, considerably more than what is the current mandated level?

    (3) The Planning Department apparently wants to strangle one of our better run small businesses at a time when fires, flood and corona virus are smashing the local economy because a small number of objectors are hair splitting, ‘dummy spitters’? Note: This ‘reasoning’ in relation to objectors doesn’t apply to 15,000 petition signers and 840 approx DA objectors elsewhere though.

    Not exactly a flattering, transparent, consistent and equitable treatment picture overall really is it?

  2. Matt. I could not have said it better!

    The Mayor and Executive are drunk with power, and nothing will go the way of the people’s wishes – no matter what! For the moment they are running unchecked, but the day of reckoning is at hand – when they run out of chain!

  3. Accurate summary Matt, evidencing why Council should be placed in administration.

    Our council appears to be;

    1. Ineffectual beyond driving hidden agendas,
    2. Incompetent in not a) meeting time lines for grant tenders, on which Council relies for significant % of its income and b) controlling cost and the flagrant waste of Ratepayer funds,
    3. never ending in an unquenchable desire to look after the the chosen few at the cost of the greater population of the Coffs Harbour LGA.

    This makes a mockery of supporting local business and tourism, anywhere outside of the CBD.

    Based on the above performance, is it not surprising that people could conclude Council might need to pirate away bushfire funds to cover their works program and of course hire new staff?

    All this while our state government sits and does nothing. Wake up CALL, Gurmesh, the honeymoon is over, you are part of the state government. Best start representing the people.

  4. Another Council meeting with the Executive Staff confused for answers, staring like startled rabbits in the head lights! For the gallery, the muttered responses were barely audible for the observers to follow proceedings. Something must be done with that sound system!
    Councillor Amos put forward a perfectly logical reason to hold approval of the ECI contract until October, since continuance of the project – that still has no DA – will be a decision by a new Council. And still the radical element would not acknowledge that simple fact as valid. Expressions to minimise the significance of the cost, bandied vague numbers in terms of MILLIONS of dollars!! If the reference to “only 2.5% of the total cost” referred to the guesstimated $76.5M for the project – that meant we were only spending $2 million!!! But that was no reason for caution!
    Then, Two Tails Winery had to bring in their “big guns” to present their case, which left Council without one question to challenge their statements. Doing business with this Council is almost impossible!

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