Council nominates Jetty Carpark and Botanical Gardens for federal grants

The Coffs Harbour Council (CHCC) have been given $1.3m for infrastructure projects to help boost the local economy.

Council will consider this Thursday night whether to spend $600.000 on the Jetty carpark project and $782.096 on a Glasshouse at the Botanical gardens.

New glasshouse at Botanical Gardens is in the running for a federal grant worth $782.096

They will also consider a 100% wavier on fees on community and sporting facilities in the CHCC area.

The following is from this Thursday’s Council agenda;

“Council has been allocated $1.38m in funding from the Australian Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program as a component of the Government’s COVID 19 economic recovery plan. The funding is available for use on only Council projects which meet the grant specifications. The principal area of focus for the grant is the enhancement of existing, or the creation of new Council infrastructure which has a direct community benefit.

The intent of the grant is a rapid injection of cash into the local economy, and therefore any projects which are selected for funding under this grant should be those which are in a position to be executed before 30 June 2021.  Staff have reviewed the project options and present for Council’s endorsement a recommendation regarding the Council projects which most closely meet the grant requirements, the allowable execution timeframe and which also recognise Council’s resolved project priorities.

The purpose of this report is to gain Council endorsement via resolution of the target projects in order to enable a rapid submission response back to the funding agency.

Recommendation: That Council: 1.       In response to the Australian Government’s request for Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program grant submissions, return applications for: 1.1.    Jetty Foreshores Stage 5 Carpark Project for an amount of $600,000; and
1.2.    North Coast Regional Botanic Garden Glasshouse Project for an amount of $782,096.


“Many businesses in the Coffs Harbour City Council area have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated steps that have been taken by governments to slow down infection levels.

Council is a landlord for many organisations and businesses throughout the Local Government Area and has already implemented assistance for business and community groups that have been adversely affected.

Further assistance is required during these difficult times.  For community and sporting organisations it is recommended 100% rent waiver and for commercial and airport tenants the assistance will be assessed in line with the Mandatory Code of Conduct SME Commercial Leasing Principles During COVID-19 adopted by the National Cabinet and the Retail and Other Commercial Leases (COVID-19) Regulation 2020.

The financial impact of this Council provided assistance, depending on the assessment, could be from a minimum $52,197.78 up to $275,032.36.”

2 thoughts on “Council nominates Jetty Carpark and Botanical Gardens for federal grants

  1. After living in the Coffs region for over 20 years, a relative blow in,I have become very familiar with the shortcomings of the area.
    I am disappointed with the latest stimulus package to help boost our economy , over $1.38 million on dubious projects ,that are unlikely to produce an economic stimulus.
    So I thought rather than being negative ,I would offer alternative projects that cover various issues safety, tourism , aesthetics and business, mostly the Jetty because most tourist go there if they can find it!!.
    I will do the job of the council planners, landscape architects, they will ‘no doubt be busy for months fully paid’ but who also fail to talk to locals and tourists in my experience.

    1/SIGNAGE every tourist I meet complains of poor signage they are lost and miss half the local attractions ie South Wall and Coffs creek trail.Most tourist are walking around like headless chooks ,no idea where they are going..Get a professional international co to do the signs not council .Sorry but we need to do it right first time.

    2/SAFETY the pedestrians crossing in the Jetty are non existent, you run the gauntlet, I see people in wheelchairs and prams I fear for them, no pedestrian crossing at the Marine Park on Orlando Street. No pedestrian crossing before the railway crossing at the Jetty, no pedestrian crossing outside the Fiascos restaurant, no pedestrian crossing near the boat ramp. These are really dangerous , especially for peopkle with a disability.

    3/FOOTPATHS /BIKE PATHS There is no connectivity. Paths stop suddenly for no reason near the Yacht club and there are no signs, as usual. Paths disappear completely after the boat ramp, prams are pushed on the road. New bike riders know nothing about the bike rides,the amazing Coffs Creek ride is known to no one except locals. Why? Encourage bike riders with divided footpaths and better signage. Consider hiring electric bikes like Brisbane/Melbourne and look at this as a growth industry, help businesses make money, stop being a hindrance to business.

    Please Coffs Harbour City Council lift your game, engage with residents and tourists, talk to them,otherwise we are are doomed. Ask residents and tourists what they would like more often.

    4/ The Jetty Park experiment. Please allocate a budget to buy super advanced trees to be craned in, no more pathetic trees from Council. Contact a professional nursery/tree company to ship super advanced over 10 m tall into the site so as to provide much needed shade immediately. It is curently a show pony site. Do it professionally.

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