“Council needs to provide a ‘digital roadmap’ to get better ratepayer feedback”

I have never been a super huge fan of Coffs Harbour City Council. There are some awesome people there worth every single cent, however I really struggle to understand how collectively they appear rudderless.

By James Daniels*

The mentality of, if you want to know, come to our meetings is poor and not in the best interest of community.

After minor feedback from ratepayers there are knee jerk reactions like spending 50k for illegal signs on the highway, advertising on council vehicles or full page adverts and glossy brochures delivered to my door telling us we are all wrong.

Good positive engagement before this would avoid many costs and community divide, whilst empowering fellow ratepayers to do this correction for them.

CHCC powerpoints of a presentation given to a Rotary breakfast meeting in July 2017. 4/9 powerpoints featured.

Currently our community is in a state where multiple levels of government are involved and at least a third of the community is divided & not satisfied. The community feels like this probably $100 million + building, combined with the loss of very profitable community assets such as the Airport has been ‘sprung on them at the last minute’.

I too feel this community anger and still do. I really do want more Civic, Arts and Cultural Space and do not really want Council Offices in “The Precinct” but that is because I believed it was never in the plan.

What makes me more angry though, is the fact I find out this has been on the cards now, for many years, it hasn’t been hidden, but it sure as hell hasn’t been broadcasted either and if the slides pictured here have it correct, ALL Councillors too have known about this.

In resolution, I would like to propose CHCC and Councillors invest in a digital “Roadmap” to advertise their future developments.

A place where stakeholders can champion their causes not by having to write copious submissions, but by simply being able to nominate an idea, suggestion, modification or their own Masterplan.

It should engage ratepayers to log in and just simply 👍🏼👎🏼 those ideas giving Council the best information of what the broader community want.

3 thoughts on ““Council needs to provide a ‘digital roadmap’ to get better ratepayer feedback”

  1. Well said James, I agree with it all. Yes, there are excellent members of CHCC staff who must be concerned about their professional integrity with their participation in what is very clearly, a badly managed (and possibly corrupt) and led operation. Is there any way that some staff could speak up?

  2. When councillors have business interests that will clearly allow them or their associates to benefit from aspects of this project and that it is being rushed without even a majority of councillors in support makes the whole thing very suspect. People aren’t stupid; fifteen thousand residents have proven this by asking for a halt so all aspects can be laid bare including the sale of current assets to assist in financing the project. The fact that there is no performance space in the concept something Coffs has been short of for decades, just adds more intrigue to the project as does the post decision ‘information’ sheets flooding the city and the attempt by the proponents to discredit all opposition.

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