Coffs Council gives Air Cadets ‘the flick’ from airport building

I am so disappointed in #CoffsHarbourCityCouncil . Tonight is the last night for Australian Air Force Cadets Squadron 331 to have their training night at their awesome facility on Aviation Drive!

By Melissa Crowe Facebook – April 8 at 7:14 PM

Their club building has been there for over 30 years, built using community donations … and with a flick of a pen, the #CHCC has taken it away from them to make way for development.

The group has been given a pittance for compensation and a valuable community asset lost and the group have been impacted by this move.

Wouldn’t it make sense to include a new location for them in the new development? I mean, they are the Air Force cadets … #CHCC, do the right thing for our community!

Our Cadets need a proper home more than you need new chambers!

The building the air cadets have used at the airport for over 30 years

First published at Facebook – 8 April 2019.

3 thoughts on “Coffs Council gives Air Cadets ‘the flick’ from airport building

  1. This Council should be fully ashamed of itself. No one seems to understand why they make life more difficult for residents instead of enhancing.
    Let’s hope these young people find a way to fly while the miserables find a way to think.

  2. Well what more would one really expect from this Council?

    They mouth weasel word platitudes about the importance of ‘community’ all the time but as we all know actions speak louder than words.

    And their actions in this particular case scream that deep down they ‘don’t give a fig’ for the work done over many years by the air cadets, their family and friends and other members of the community.

    Because it suits their agenda at the moment, money is needed for their Gordon Street monolith, it appears they are happy to give the air cadets the ‘bum’s rush’ in the form of a pittance, and an inferior accommodation deal, because they think they can reap a ‘motza’ on the land and off the backs of all that work done by the air cadets and the community over 30 something years.

    Quite scandalous really.

    But then increasingly this Council more and more appears to be “of special interests, by special interests and for special interests”. It sure as heck is not for the community.

  3. WTF. Shame Council SHAME. A strong community needs a community focused council behind it or health and Community Safety and the mental fitness of its future rate payers is put at risk. I guess the cadets should have put on more soirees for our council members in chambers because this stinks of… .
    The blinkered pomposity of the current council in this action will cost them dearly next election I’m sure. Cadet groups, like any social strengthening and team building groups, should be encouraged and supported by local councils Especially in times of low participation.

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