Council carry-on’s – Coffs Harbour Council meeting 26 April 2018.

This is a continuing look at the major decisions made by Councils in the Coffs Coast region at their meetings. 

This week we look at the Coffs Harbour City Council meeting held on on 26 April 2018.

By the Editor.


GM18/10         City Centre Master Plan Committee

Executive Summary

At its meeting of 26 October 2017, Council resolved to defer consideration of this matter to enable city centre stakeholder consultation in February 2018.

This report provides feedback on the public consultation exercise together with seeking Council’s adoption of the revised City Centre Master Plan Committee Terms of Reference.  The report also calls for applications for membership of the City Centre Master Plan Committee.


Resolved (Cr Michael Adendorff / Cr George Cecato)

That Council:

  1. Note the consultation exercise that examined how we are progressing in achieving the objectives outlined within the City Centre Master Plan 2031 and whether these are still relevant five years since adoption (Attachment 1).


  1. Adopt the revised City Centre Master Plan Terms of Reference (Attachment 3), with a change to the wording of Clause 4 b) such that the clause reads as follows:

“To submit fully substantiated recommendations in writing to Council in regard to any expenditure of funds in accordance with the works and projects in the adopted Coffs Harbour City Centre Master Plan for Council’s consideration to approve or not.”

Call for applications for membership of the City Centre Master Plan Committee consistent with both the current and revised Terms of Reference.

The Motion on being put to the meeting was carried unanimously.



This past story in Outlook relates to the above motion


Directorate Reports – Sustainable Communities


SC18/16          Draft 2017-2021 Delivery Program (Year 2), Draft 2018/19 Operational Plan, Draft 2018-2021 Delivery Program Budgets and Draft 2018/19 Fees and Charges


Executive Summary

A council must prepare a Delivery Program after each ordinary election of councillors to cover the principal activities of the council for the 4 year period commencing on 1 July following the election. The council must review its Delivery Program each year when preparing an annual Operational Plan. The Operational Plan must be adopted before the beginning of each financial year, outlining the activities to be undertaken that year, as part of the Delivery Program.

These documents detail the principal activities and budgets that Council proposes to pursue to help implement the strategies and achieve the objectives set out in the MyCoffs Community Strategic Plan for the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area (LGA).

The draft Operational Plan must be publicly exhibited for at least 28 days and public submissions can be made to the council during the period.

The Draft 2017-2021 Delivery Program (Year 2) and Draft 2018/19 Operational Plan are presented at this time for consideration. The documents incorporate Council’s Draft Delivery Program Budgets 2018-2021 (for the final three years of this Delivery Program period); and Draft 2018/19 Fees and Charges and have been significantly informed by the Resourcing Strategy that addresses long-term financial, asset and workforce management.

The draft budget incorporates the ‘rate-pegging’ allowance of 2.3% approved for 2018/19. The 2018/19 budget result forecasts an estimated underlying deficit, that is; before capital revenue, of $64,000. This is comprised of estimated results of $3.86 million surplus for the General Fund, $261,000 surplus for the Water Fund and $4.185 million deficit for the Sewer Fund.

This report recommends that the draft documents be placed on public exhibition for community feedback.


Resolved (Cr Tegan Swan / Cr George Cecato)

That Council:

  1. Resolve to place the following documents on public exhibition:

1.1.    Draft 2017-2021 Delivery Program (Year 2);

1.2.    Draft 2018/19 Operational Plan;

1.3.    Draft 2018-2021 Delivery Program Budgets; and

1.4.    Draft 2018/19 Fees and Charges.

  1. Note that the draft documents will be placed on public exhibition for a 28-day period from Monday, 30 April until close of business on Monday, 28 May 2018, and that the community will be encouraged to provide feedback on the documents during that time.
  2. Consider community submissions prior to adopting the final Delivery Program, Operational Plan, Delivery Program Budgets and Fees and Charges documents by 30 June 2018.

The Motion on being put to the meeting was carried unanimously.



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